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    Respecting something someone did in a video game is pathetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ealyssa View Post
    I respect the player who has unsubbed from that pile of burning shit that is BfA
    i respect the player who hates the game as it is asnd doesnt bother posting about it anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by oriondc View Post
    Vanilla PVP titles. One of the few things that can't be bought.
    I bought mine. Vanilla ranks are one of the most meaningless things in the game. What I respect most are good pugs. Get in. Do your job. Banter. Leave. We need more people like that. Titles and ilvl and flashy gear are meaningless. Be a fun person to play with is way better.

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    Imo the biggest raiding accomplishment in the history of this game was Method killing Archimonde with no legendary rings. I'll always respect them for that. For most guilds it was still a 100+ pull fight even with maxed rings which added an insane amount of player power. Not to mention the weakauras available by that time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toybox View Post
    Unpopular opinion: Raid titles should've been tied to their patch. Seeing someone with "The Light of Dawn" should mean seeing someone who did ICC25HC when it was current - not someone that went on a mount run.
    Blizz makes the distinction with "Feat of Strength" if it's unobtainable. But sure, I wouldn't mind. I haven't changed my title in, what, 10 years and I don't see other people's titles because they clutter up my screen.

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    I don't respect any of you creeps

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    The Insane.

    Because I know the dedication it takes.

    I wish they´d revert its nerf tho, it is far too easy to get now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GothamCity View Post
    Scarab Lord is the big one.

    All the realm first raid titles too: Death's Demise, Celestial Defender, Grand Crusader, but not the Naxx/OS/EoE ones since those were not really about skill.

    The Insane still carries a bit of prestige, but it certainly has been watered down over the years.

    I have one of the unarmored night elf mounts and always am impressed when I see another one running around.

    Mythic raid mounts are impressive early on in the tier, but Jaina/N'Zoth mounts are kind of meh at this point. Same with the +15 keystone mount.
    i have all of the above titles and they are not woth anythig you could have played on a death/rp realm or trasfeared to one to be the top guild on it this how i got them while playing somewere in the top 1000 back then

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    Someone with the "Agent of the Shen'dralar" Achivement meaning done prenerf Insane title, they should add something just for that achivement alone.

    Also old zg bear is cool.

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    Nice positive behaviour & encouragement. It's just really nice to see sometimes.

    Theres not enough of it in this game, so I always /w people if they're clearly new and doing a good job tanking or healing.

    Even complimenting peoples transmog in game always gets taken well.
    BASIC CAMPFIRE for WARCHIEF UK Prime Minister!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadoowpunk View Post
    List ingame "things" that when you see a player with them you say to yourself:
    "Respect bro"

    I'll start with one:

    Azeroth's Champion Title

    (snob answers are frown upon, like: "is a videogame bro, get a life, i respect no one")

    Anything that actually took talent and skill / hardwork to obtain.

    Examples -

    insane title (based on the date the achievement is dated for will determine how much respect i have for someone) - I did it when it was hard.. It deserves respect.

    Grand Crusader- another difficult achievement to obtain. props to you.. (cannot be bought / gimmicked) keeping in mind the "date" disclaimer.

    Scarab Lord - For obvious reasons. (this is the big one imo)

    Another one is Rohk'delar Longbow of the ancient keepers.. not only did you complete this back in 2004/2005 when it was difficult to do.. you had the foresight to keep the item long enough for it to be loaded into the "transmog era"

    anything in the last few years even if its "mythic" means nothing. It can all be bought.

    Prestige comes from having something and having done something that was difficult / time consuming that can no longer be done or B has been nerf'd into the ground and was done well before said nerf.

    Props to the insane people like myself who have been A) playing this game this long and B) love punishment enough to obtain these titles / items.
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