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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitros14 View Post
    I went through and looked up all the differences between the Naxxramases if people are curious.
    great post, thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by Primohastat View Post
    That toxicity is normal in WoW. Even classic. And it comes from this what so called elitism, spreading everywhere. Average player say that classic is piss easy and every aspect can be done with minimal effort. But right after that, the same player ignites with rage when someone wants to apply that minimal effort

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryjkur View Post
    AQ patch will open soon and raid progress starts once gates are opened. I think someone opens gate on the very first day, so we dont have to wait too long.

    Everyone knew MC and BWL would be blasted under 1 hour once entering the raid but AQ40 will be different. This time we have raid tuned around 16 debuff slots so we might actually see few day race.

    Huhuran is expected to be the first huge wall for WF raiders since leather users cant craft NR gear until later phases. C'thun itself is obviously going to be the hardest one but its just about tacticts rather than gear check like Huhuran.

    Whos gonna be the first? My prediction is APES if they manage to get into raid without instance bugging like last time.
    what? Huhuran? lol that boss isnt even an obsticle.

    For a wf guild id say the big worry is someone acidently have a projectile in the air when twins swap position so that it instantly run across the room and starts healing.

    Viscidius is probobly the boss guilds are most unsure about (unlesss the sapper cahrge tactic from private servers works i guess so it can be onephased).

    C'thun mechanics are known and i doubt any top guild is gonna struggle with that boss. I wouldnt be suprised if top guilds have the dps to do p2 in a single weaken phase.
    None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Factsbeforefeelings View Post

    The moment a good guild gets inside, C'thun will be dead in an hour.
    Less than 40 minutes from start of raid to C'thun kill for Onslaught.


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    These threads were so pointless. They likely will continue to he pointless if TBC gets a Classic release.

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    Ah 40 minutes. Lol...

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    Why on earth are people comparing the tuning of a final tier raid to that of an opening tier raid?

    You know that opening tiers are INTENTIONALLY tuned easier that other raid tiers right? Naxx 10/25 being easier relatively than naxx 40 isn't a case of undertuning is literally designed to be easier.

    I also don't know where the story that naxx 40 was "hard at level 70 in SWP gear" that a few people have used is coming from. I ran naxx 40 at 70 basically every week from when Sunwell was annouced because I wanted a corrupted Ashbringer and the main raid guild on the server wanted the Trinket from KTs phylatery for brutallus. The instance was a cake walk they didn't have gear requirements really they just brought whoever wanted to come and spectate old raids.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dalinos View Post
    Actually, read the whole thread. You'll find out I was proven right about a bunch of things. My hazy memories from 15 years ago were quite more accurate than I thought.
    I'm also not sure what you believe you were proven correct about. On all the points you were challenged on you were objectively proven false. You even admitted yourself that you were wrong and relying on hazy memory which itself is an odd statement to make when you previously said you found data proving you right on a source that someone else linked. So was your memory hazy and you lied about finding the data or was the source you found wrong and you lied about your memory being hazy? Cause it's gotta be one of those.

    You did try to pivot from it did more flat damage to it did more relative damage which was also kinda proven false when video was shown. To combat that video you said that they used pots because kungen told them too ignoring the fact that the RW to use pots came right after a frost bolt so to me seems more likely to be a call to use healing pots than frost pots. of course the whole premise that it was because of pots was futher proved wrong from more time stamps from that video.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dalinos View Post
    Sapphiron's aura hits harder in Vanilla than in WOTLK. Also, take a close look at the numbers you posted. 3,500 dmg out of a 5,000 HP healthpool (for casters/healers/DPS) is 70% of their total HP. 8,800 dmg out of a 25,000 HP pool is under 45% of that player's total HP. Ergo, Vanilla's KT is deadlier than WOTLK's KT, %-wise.

    Regarding Sapphiron, HE is the boss who's aura does more flat dmg in the lvl 60 version than in the lvl 80 version. I am most certainly NOT the one who is trolling, as I just proved my point using the data YOU found. Another poster posted that Sapphiron's aura does 1,6k dmg every 2 secs unmitigated. We were all rocking 200/250+ Frost Res at the time, mitigating around 75% of the dmg, bringing the 1.6k down to 400. Exactly how I remember it.
    Here's the quote where you say you found a source proving you right btw in case you want it.
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    Well, this wasn't as interestin as BWL race was. Hopefully Naxx will bring us longer race.

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    I think you will always have guilds that plow through content. Thats always been the case, even in retail. Given teh simplicity of the content in classic vs retail.

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