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    Good question tough choice, personally I say Bane, but realistically it's Joker, here is why.

    Bane broke Batman physically and Emotionally however Joker psychologically fucked Batman far worse than any strike or punch ever could. It also left scars that will never heal.

    Batman for better or worse is a sadist, he gets off on being the hot right vigilante, billionaire playboy who does good when nobody knows it. The problem is The Joker turns that upside down on it's head.

    Because the truth is the very people Batman is trying to save, view him ever as much the freak as The Joker. I would say similarly like say Magneto to Xavier, he shows humanity for what it really is. A bunch of terrified, stupid man children, only ever so close to the next evolutionary step, yet still bound by their psychological realities the same as The Batman.

    The Truth is the very worst part of Batman are exactly like the people he is trying to save, and the very best parts of Batman is hated by those he claims to be trying to save.

    The question in the final act is why? Some say maybe that answer is because Batman say is the Hero we deserve, the other part is in a world of the blind the one eyes man is king, that is The Joker.

    The Joker is raw and really has no pretense that is why Heaths portrayal is biting. Batman has all the money, the power, the people who hate him on his side right now, but he is losing.

    The best hints to this are actually in the trailer in my opinion when Alfred explains where The Joker came from.

    The Truth is The Batman is his own enemy, is rose out of his own need to take control and in the result elevated everything thus creating The Joker.

    Joker admits this, no Batman, no Joker.

    The last bit is of course two face, the bright shinning lie, a GOOD MAN, but flawed, a WINNER, but one serious loss and comes undone. Harvey Dent IS Gotham
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    Hard to say as the 3 villains were amazing. All did very well and tested Batmans limit but would have to say Joker. The portrayal of him was phenomenal and how he toyed with Batman repeatedly and tested his sanity was very well done.

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    Reading through the thread reminded me that all three movies had good villains which is fairly rare in superhero flicks, but c'mon. In terms of writing, costume design, acting, cultural impact, and even sheer meme potential Ledger's Joker is just unbeatable at this game.
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    Alfred Pennyworth.

    He tricks Bruce Wayne into leaving everything to Alfred in his will, then Bruce takes off to find himself for 7 years. Alfred has Bruce declared dead, and Alfred now owns everything. Unfortunately, Bruce comes back. Alfred then pushes him confront the Joker with a speech about how some people just want to watch the world burn, hoping Bruce dies so he can reclaim the Wayne fortune. When that doesn't work, he convinces Bruce to become a total recluse for years so that Alfred can effectively run the estate as the owner. Then Bane shows up and Alfred is forced to try to talk him into being a recluse again or else he'd lose control of everything. When that fails, he plants some seed story in Bruce's head about giving up everything to Alfred by faking being dead and going into hiding with some random jewel thief in Europe. After some more manipulation and trying to throw Selena Kyle at him a couple more times, Bruce takes the bait and fakes his own death.

    Finally, after 3 films and many twists and turns, Alfred Pennyworth defeats Bruce Wayne and permanently controls the Wayne fortune for himself.

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    I like Jokey and Baners.

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    Joker, hand's down. The changes to Bane's backstory and the terrible accent ruined Bane for me, as soon as he talked i couldn't take him seriously.

    I will say though the arguments for Ras and Scarecrow are good.

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    Joker, you know you have a powerful character when it drives you insane and you die from it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rendark View Post
    Heath Ledger may have been a bad Joker but he was a great villain.
    didnt know people say his joker was a bad joker, most people are torn between his joker and nickelsons joker

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizeri View Post
    didnt know people say his joker was a bad joker, most people are torn between his joker and nickelsons joker
    People don't really say that, just me. The only time he even acted like the Joker was the hospital scene. My favorite Jokers are Mark Hamill and Jack Nicholson.

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    Joker. Heath Ledger nailed that role.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cuafpr View Post
    Heath Ledger's Joker no contest at all... the acting the character pure greatness and likely to remain the joker of jokers for all time.
    Yep agreed.

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