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  • Yes, I thought it was handy.

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  • Yes, I may have accidentally checked the box to install the Ask toolbar.

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  • No, I never installed any of that crap. I'm not that stupid.

    22 61.11%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asrialol View Post
    I still remember visiting my mom quite a few years ago and she was on her laptop. Not only did she have 5(!) Toolbars installed, she had 50+ tabs open.

    Usually the toolbars got installed when you installer something else. Have the consumer having to check boxes to agree with the ToS and click next, and slap a toolbar checkbox in there.

    Lamo foreal I remember going to family and friends houses in the past and just seeing the crazy amount of bloatware they have and just feeling astonished they actually use their computer like that.

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    Having had the misfortune of trying to "Fix" my mother-in-laws laptops over the years I can also attest to these things still getting packaged in with certain programs.

    She usually has a few of them on her browser whenever I take a look at it.

    Not sure if its older programs she downloads (She quite likes point and click puzzle games) or just her being of that generation of seeing a pop-up and just taking it at face value and installing whatever its telling her to install.

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    Oh yes ! but in my early days of internet and pc back in 2003 i had zero clue wtf those were till my brother was like "NOPE"

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