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    Even before the XP buff you could not really finish entire expansions anymore before out-leveling them. The XP buff just makes it "worse" (or better, depending on your point of view).

    Shadowlands revamps the entire leveling process, letting you pick a single expansion to level in from start to finish, which allows experiencing the full expansion story in its entirety. The only "downside" being that you only level in one expansion, instead of all of them. But if you want to experience all of them, you can make multiple characters.

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    This is a complete non issue. If you really want to not out-level a bracket, you can always turn xp off once you reach the max for the bracket but why on earth would you want to?

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    Man people bitch and moan about anything these days.

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    No, but the Vanilla/TBC/Wrath/Cata/Panda zones are quite good, as you get around 20 levels in them which is enough to finish the zone at least. It's better than it used to be without the buff, since you'd only get 5 levels or so before having to move on.

    WoD is a Treasure hunt with bonus zones, Legion you get about one zone done, and the same with BFA. You can overlap a little as well, going like 3 levels over in some expansions before it's not worth doing any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morae View Post

    I was planning on coming back a bit earlier than I intended (originally plan was to wait until SL prepatch). I wanted to pass time by leveling alts since I have nothing else I care about left to do. Already collected things I wanted.

    Yet, I heard there was a permanent buff that gives 100% extra xp. This goes against my idea of slowly passing time by leveling. Can the buff be clicked off or turned off otherwise?
    No. And I personally agree with you. It would be nice to have a leveling experience that is actually an experience. Unfortunately, Blizz has made leveling trivial (even without the xp buff).

    The only real positive of the xp buff, IMO, is that you can level a bunch of toons pretty rapidly and be ready with your choice when the next expansion drops so you can get into the raiding fairly early. Remember, under the current Blizz attitude, once the 2nd raid comes out, the 1st raid will be relegated to mostly LFR only.

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    There was an article on icy veins how some guy levelled from 10 to 50 on beta in under 5 hours, if you are waiting for Shadowlands to take your sweet time you're in for a surprise.

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