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    Quote Originally Posted by Kagthul View Post
    I wouldn't expect 2080S/2080Ti to drop in price though, i have no idea why people keep saying that the old ones will drop in price.

    That never happens, unless you're talking the used market.
    I'm not saying they will drop in price. I said there is no point buying 2080 when the new cards are released.. unless it's at $300 if the new cards are anything like rumoured.

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    Biggest reason people say wait for 3000 series is because they’re supposed to be shrinking the die to 7nm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewOU2015 View Post
    It’s that time of year again when asking someone for build advice it’s “wait for 3000 series” or “wait for zen 3”. I can maybe understand the high end builders waiting but people asking for mid to low end builds are told to wait as well. Nvidia won’t lower prices when new cards come out. Retailers won’t as well. It’s August and if the new cards come out in October, the chances of someone getting a card this year will be slim.
    It all depends on what you are waiting for... if AMD is dropping a new Zen that's more Toc than Tic, it might be worth waiting for, especially if you can't reuse your old cpu because of a socket change. If its someone telling you to wait for the next Intel Fart-river cpu that will be marginally better and same socket, don't bother waiting. GPUs are even easier, if something big is coming out that promises desired features, or you are 4k gaming, reuse your old card until you can get the new. If you are 1080 gaming, don't bother waiting.
    Basically if you are at the top end or there is a new socket/chipset coming out, waiting may be the better idea.

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    If you're looking at something in the 1660 SUPER price range, or just want a beefy card for 4K or high frame rate and you're happy with the price/performance ratio in existing games, then buy now.

    If you're looking at something for the future of raytracing, then I don't know. There is a future of RT and I'd say the 20X0 series isn't it. It's more of a developer toy. There's a big unknown right now in the console market, and just what that means for the "low spec" games. The old "cheaty" path will eventually be nuked completely from ports. So a non-RT card could have no shadows or reflections at all, or just refuse to run the game. Sure, that's not going to happen right away. December isn't going to get here, and suddenly nothing runs on a non-RTX card. But look at how popular the 1060 is right now. That's the average that developers target. And eventually the "average" is going to be something with ray tracing.

    But if you're the sort of person spending $700 on GPUs, you can afford to replace it when that day comes.

    There's also a question around SSD use and traditional loading methods being obsolete in newer games. Regular NVMe drives will probably prove enough for 30 and 60 FPS, but what about 144Hz+?

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