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    I would've seen Black Widow at the cinema at its original release date.

    I may have also gone interstate with one friend to visit another friend of ours. Maybe even plan another trip to a cool place in that other state. (Not the US btw)

    Heck, maybe I could've gotten laid as well.

    All of that is for naught though, thanks to CHINA!!!!!!!
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    There have been little to no changes here so barely noticed it's a pandemic.

    Travel perhaps cuz that's one thing that's been affected.
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    I had tickets to see Jim Gaffigan. I had plans to start going to the gym. There's a paint bar downtown I would have attended more frequently.

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    Probably seen a couple movies at the cinemas.

    Most of all, I wouldn't have been locked into serving 3 distant relatives as I am. I do it because they suffer various illnesses/mental illness, but I'm starting to resent it since they're being snide, entitled and impossible to please. I'm not getting paid, and I'm risking MY life helping them, since I too am in a risk group.

    But it's only until Shadowlands releases, at that point they can start paying for professionals again, and I can finally return to raiding with my guild.

    I've been blessed to not have more difficulties during this pandemic, knock on wood.
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    Full/High WoW servers for EU, Retail: 79. Literally zero change from 1 month ago, not counting Russia, obviously. Also, every BfA Quarterly report says Hi.
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    Wasted more time with commutes.
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    worked on my immigration to Canada and started a little consultation business for artists and designers in the fields of art.

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    Same thing as everyone else, eat bats without consequence.

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    I hopefully would have had a job five months ago that doesn't suck ass like my current one. the job ins't difficult really but the fact that I'm stuck sitting in the warehouse part of the boat shot doing inventory with little cooling in 100+ degree weather is what makes it absolutely awful. Feeling sweat drip down my back for hours is not a nice thing...

    it's also dusty as hell so I HAVE to take allergy medicine every day or my face would slid right off due to allergies : /
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    I would have gone to the voyage..

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    Id be close to or done with my training to work as security at the airport, delayed till December.

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    Working at the Airport still... boy did I fuck up deciding to stop doing IT, after two decades, to get into the Aviation industry... :|

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    I'd have already moved to Japan. Still pretty salty about the delay. I'm taking online classes 14 time zones away. Would be nice if those were in the same time zone at the very least.

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    Giving off strong Russ Roberts vibes.
    I would have stayed at my old job and missed out on my current job making significantly more money.

    I also would have seen RATM in July and Faith No More in August at Blossom :/
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    My life has been a little better. I got a stimulus check that I didn't "need". I get to work from home 50% of the time, and I save a lot more money by staying home all the time. Oh and my steam backlog is slightly smaller.

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    Oh let me think - I would have actually seen my girlfriend in real life. Yeah...
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    If the pandemic hadn't happened my normal routine wouldn't have been disrupted, so I would have been doing the same thing I always did/ gone through my normal work/life routine.

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    Planned a trip to Peru for September. Obviously, canceled that now.

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    Not much change at all. A few more restaurant outings, but that's it.

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    I had a visit to DC planned for july that I'd been delaying for a few years while parts of the smithsonian I wanted to visit finished their renovation (air & space is still being renovated, but the exhibits I wanted to go to were done). I'd probably have been boating a few times. My cousins get together once a year in the summer for a weekend, though the destination hadn't been finalized for this year. I'd have gone to colorado for a week or so to visit my dad, which entails a lot of hiking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Jensen View Post
    There's a paint bar downtown I would have attended more frequently.
    I have no idea what that is.
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    I might not have gotten my promotion / have two different companies fighting over employing me...

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