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    Suggestion - Dark Theme/Mode for MMO-Champ

    Pretty basic suggestion, but any chance on a Dark mode/theme for the Website? I use it across basically every Website I have that has the functionality.

    No real need, but it is better feeling on the eyes and such. I'm sure others would agree.

    I had a look around at first to see if it was a setting I had just missed somewhere but didn't see anything. Though If I have missed it, you may just ignore the request.

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    It's actually so weird that mmo-champion doesn't have a true dark theme in 2020. Should've happened at least 1-2 years ago.
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    There are some browser extensions that try to generate dark mode for websites that don't natively support them, for some they work wonderfully but at times it can get very wonky, not sure about MMO-Champ.
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