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    Alliance <Noble Rebirth> [EU Ravencrest] IS RECRUITING PLAYERS FOR 1-DAY-A-WEEK MYTHIC RAID

    Are you one of those people who besides experiencing raiding and pushing for Cutting Edge likes to do high keystones, high arena/rbg and feels many raid nights of wiping is a waste of your time? Are you done pugging and want to be part of a community with like-minded people? Then keep reading!

    Our Vision:

    <Noble Rebirth> has been formed at the end of BFA by a few friends to make a place where we can enjoy end game content on a relaxed but competitive level. Clearing the current raid tiers is our goal and we wish to do so in a nice atmosphere

    By optimizing our characters during the week in M+ and preparing for the raids well, we aim to clear the current raid tier fast and efficient.

    We strive to form a raiding team consisting of skilled players who can extract all from the gear they have and perform well during raids. Players in our team do not require a "Raid Leader Bot" who has to mention EVERY little detail that is about to happen. They are more than comfortable to react to the DBM/Bigwigs/WeakAura notifications to maneauvre trough the encounter. Our players adapt quickly, learn boss fights in their own time trough video guides and WClogs from top guilds.

    Our Goal:

    Our aim is Cutting Edge, which is obtainable with smart extending. We do not care that it's at the end of the Tier. We want to experience the raid and do well. Extending at the end of the tier to secure Cutting Edge is obvious and should be expected.

    Gearing will also be supported by the Mythic+ Dungeons everyone does and gear rarely is an issue on a fight anymore.


    By playing well and with previous mentioned arguments in mind, we can cut back on time and do not need the extra day of raiding each week. This also free's up the entire week for the other content we enjoy and also our personal lives.

    Our schedule is very minimal and consists of the following nights:

    Mythic Raid (Mandatory)
    • Wednesday 20:15 - 23:15 server time

    Mythic+ Dungeons (Optional)
    • Sunday/Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 server time

    We do not deviate from this schedule and it is set in stone. Historically this is the day where most people are available so roster issues should be kept to a minimum. The time makes sure people have room for their real life obligations like work, family and sports.


    • You want to kill a boss in the least amount of pulls possible.
    • You want to be able to maintain a life outside of WoW.
    • You enjoy being in a friendly guild with a great raid atmosphere.
    • You are a team player.
    • You are a quick learner, show up on time and are prepared.

    For the rest of BFA we are forming the guild to be raid ready when the first tier opens in Shadowlands. We will raid weekly during this time to gear up new characters that people will be playing in Shadowlands and test out recruits. There is no progress aim for this tier anymore, we will most likely kill a few Mythic bosses at the end, but nothing too serious.


    Recruiting all roles!

    A link to your raider io page and a little chat is enough of an application trouble. We will dig up the info we need ourselves and we will ask questions where neccesary. You are free to elaborate and we will not dismiss your application due to not having CE yet.

    If you wish to join the guild you can do so by contacting either the GM or the recruitment officer trough either BNet or discord:

    Bnet: Paroxx#1934

    Bnet: viperthepala#2848
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    Still looking for more players
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