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    [TV] Zoids: New Century Zero VS Chaotic Century VS Fuzors

    NOTE: This thread is specific to the anime adaptions only, not games or toys.

    Which out of the 3 shows for Zoids was thee best or simply your favorite?

    Zoids: New Century Zero

    Zoids: Chaotic Century

    Zoids: Fuzors

    For me personally it had to be Chaotic Century. A little back story:

    I used to watch New Century Zero in the afternoon coming home from school and it was that show that piqued my interest into the franchise. It wasn't until I started getting up super early that I was able to watch Chaotic Century -- same franchise, different story and characters -- and I was hooked.

    I loved everything about the show: the character development (Raven in particular, I think a lot would agree) to the music. Especially the music. The intro alone always got me pumped. Also I liked how the show was darker than New Century Zero.

    My one regret was I never actually got to finish the series. The last episode in circulation was the episode BEFORE revealing what Zoid Eve was, if I remember. I've gone back and read up on it and I never knew that the Death Saurer that appeared early in the series was a fake and there was the real one about to show up. The next day I was so ready to watch the show and they STARTED IT FROM THE BEGINNING.

    Any Zoids fans still around today?

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    Zoids: New Century I liked the competition style more and didn't really like the organoid dragon thing of Chaotic Century.

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