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    obvious troll is obvious,that aside,whenever a company doesnt pay living wages,that company needs to be sued in to oblivion

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    Quote Originally Posted by durenas View Post
    Your lack of knowledge is readily apparent in everything you say. Don't dig yourself in deeper.
    Is that so?

    I bought my first rental in 2015, down payment of 20% ( investment)

    In 2016 same thing.

    In 2017, I used a cash refi on my 2015 property plus my own property to buy my first 4 unit plus some of my own money.

    In 2019 I did a cash out refi on all my rentals to buy my next 4 unit without any money out of pocket...

    Your jealousy is showing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterymask View Post
    So you admit to trolling gotcha

    Ok everyone he's OBVIOUSLY trolling
    Read my post down below.

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    There is already an active thread on this topic here. As this topic does not concern WoW specifically it has been moved to a more appropriate venue. Closing this.
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