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    Outside of the haircut, which regular humans are getting in SL too, there's nothing Kul'Tiran about that model.

    The head is weirdly small, for either warcraft human race.
    The symbols on the armor, hammer and their colors are those of Stormwind.
    So what exactly is Kul'Tiran here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholyground View Post
    I have a feeling more options will be opening up for other races down the road. Forsaken should also get Paladin as it makes no sense at this point with there being undead Paladin in lore like Sir Zeleik, you could simply call them the Order of Zeleik the first true undead Paladin who's mind was never corrupted.
    At this point I’d say they just need to ditch the idea of class/race restrictions entirely. Given some of the races that have been shoehorned in and the “lore” behind their available class options I’d say we’re well past of point of locking classes to certain races.

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    Isn't there also that giant cathedral in the Theramore WC3 map? Jaina makes a lot of mention of Light worship, there's at least that one boss in Shrine of the Storm that does Paladin like stuff with Tidesage faith in the duo boss fight. It does seem weird that Kul Tirans don't have Paladins if not based on the Light, than at least Tidesage, or if not that a faith based on the Wicker druidism they got going on. They got a lot of religion to choose from, and it's not like there aren't a lot of devout NPCs roaming around smashing faces in either. Almost all NPCs you run into related to Kul Tiras seems to have some reverence and religious belief when it comes to the sea.

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    fucking hell why can't blizzard make armor in the classic Warcraft RTS artstyles and always have to make this clusterfucked shit they keep making

    when i saw that plate armor for BFA i thought finally, we're going home, now shadowlands is coming with retarded shit again

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    I was SO excited for Kul Tirans because I wanted a Kul Tiran female paladin; then I found out they couldn't be paladins. So never made a single Kul Tiran. Seems like a stupid decision.

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