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    Last of Us 2.

    Ghost of Tsushima was pretty good too but it's a "You finish it you forget about it" game and it definitely doesn't have what it takes to compete with TLOU2 for game of the year.

    Looking forward to seeing what Cyberpunk has to offer.

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    Doom Eternal was my main purchase this year. I encountered way more bugs than most for still unexplained reasons, but even going through all that BS like the game refusing to spawn demons or crashing when I finished a slayer gate preventing me from getting the Unmaykyr...

    It's just so goddamn fun.

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    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
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    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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