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    Well, no. That isn't what the complaints are about. it's about cost of living vs pay scale and competitive salary along with just stagnant growth rates.
    Who cares, have you ever spoke to their GM's? or CM's? have you ever watched a twitch stream of Zerina an ex Blizzard hearthstone CM who was fired last year? she's a bitch, straight up a stuck up C***. Her true colors came out when she got fired, her tweets are a joke. My point is, they don't deserve more pay. What they do takes 0 skill, 90% of my GM tickets are auto responses when i'm not online, I can't remember the last time I actually got to speak with a GM...probably wotlk or tbc.

    Demanding a pay increase when you do a job that takes no special skills, is like the mcdonald employees who demanded a raise and then got replaced with machines.

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    For all of us, being an engineer on World of Warcraft is the best job on Earth.
    I chuckled.
    Wonder who forced them to write that down..

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    Pff, I could have done that with one line of perl.

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