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    Grid2 frames moving on its own.

    I've had an issue with the grid2 frames moving on its own when entering a battleground. The frames move 2 pixels towards the center of the screen.


    1: With my old UI (https://i.imgur.com/9i5c8TL.jpg) the frame would move left. After a lot of playing, it would eventually reach my weak auras.

    2: With my current UI the frames are directly below my character, so they start moving up.

    Before: After 4 BGs:

    It's also not just a visual bug, as the actual position number in the options menu is changing: https://i.imgur.com/u7xNpLA.png Vertical position is supposed to be -920, after 4 bgs its -912.

    I can remember it also being a thing in Legion (possibly WoD as well) and I've never been able to find a fix. I've always just opened grid options and changed the position manually, but at this point, considering how much I play, I've probably done this manual fix several thousands of times, and it's getting unbearably frustrating.

    Possible fixes I'm looking for:
    1. A permanent fix would obviously be the best.
    2. Maybe a weak aura or simple addon that can force the correct horizontal and vertical position after a loading screen?
    3. A macro that can set the correct positions (I tried looking into this one before, but couldn't find any chat commands for grid that would work.

    The only thing I'm after is being able to fix the frames without having to open the options and do it manually every time.

    I would really appreciate any help with this!

    Thank you.
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    ElvUI causes this, but the Grid2 author fixed it last year: https://www.wowace.com/projects/grid2/issues/677

    Have you tried updating Grid2?

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    I'm using the grid version r955 (2020-03-11).

    I read the post you linked earlier, but I'm not sure it's the same issue. The frames only move when entering a battleground or lfr (I haven't played arena or 5mans in a while but I seem to recall it happening there as well). Reloading or re-logging doesn't move the frames. Also it's only when entering a BG, not when exiting.

    Will try to disable every addon other than Grid2 when I get back home and see if the issue is still there.

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    The reputation bar is 8 pixels tall and shifting elements of your screen up when loading into a battleground, as it replaces an experience/reputation bar with an Honor bar.
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    TL;DR: Padding (space between each grid frame) above 0 causes the frames to move by that much (1=1 pixel, 2=2 pixels, etc).

    I was able to find the setting that was causing the issue. With all addons disabled except Grid, it was still happening as before. It only stopped after I removed all the grid2.wtf files and started from scratch. I was changing only a few settings back to the old UI in between battleground games and only after setting the padding did the frames start to move again.

    For now I'll just play with the padding set to 0 even if the frames look quite ugly that way. I'll report the issue to the Grid2 devs now that I know exactly which setting is the cause, and hopefully they will be able to fix it some time in the future.

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