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    Arthas is NOT the Jailer. The Jailer is an entirely new character and nobody we have seen before. I do expect to see Arthas in some role though. Maybe opposing Sylvanas, maybe supporting her. Both are possibilities I think. Maybe Arthas and Bolvar will square off. We'll see.
    They are doing a role reversal, it is common in writing especially in sequels where much time has passed. Sylvanas is in a position similar to where Arthas was and he is going to probably try and talk her down at some point. Arthas is also likely on a mission already to figure out how to repair the damaged souls frostmourne created.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uikolertekopoku View Post
    Yes thats true but i mesnt our first lichking, arthas was allways the lichking of hearts.

    Nobdy cares for nerzuhl or bolvar.

    Nobody and nothing can recreate Arthas witj Frostmourne and in style
    this just shows u only played WC3 after u played WotLK
    Ner'zhul was a beloved character back then (and still is, considering the amount if "is ner'zhul truly dead and gone/Ner'zhul was wasted in WoD" threads we are getting every year). And Arthas, while insanely popular, wasnt even an LK until WotLk hit.
    From Wc3, until WotLk, it was lore that Arthas and Ner'zhul merged into a single being, simply called the Lich King.
    until WoLk, Ner'zhul was the "LK of hearts" simply bc there was no other LK.
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    Eh I just want to see him to see his interactions. See what was going on as the Lich King, an apology to Jaina, and to grind it into Sylvanas that after all of this time of her trying to get her revenge that she now serves the one who truly made her into what she is.

    I could see Sylvanas turning on the Jailer if she was told that it was his plan all along. She is more of a pawn than Arthas ever was.

    As for as a redemption arc? Nah.

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    Friendly reminder that the first LK wasn't Arthas, but Ner'zhul.
    Quote Originally Posted by Super Dickmann View Post
    The Jailer's first ever appearance involved chucking him [Baine] off a cliff for being too shit to even qualify as a Maw trash mob.

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    The best way to include arthas. Sylvannas gets the shit kicked outta her then ends up in a mawcell. Darkness all around the whole shebang. As she rages we here a voice "I was wondering when you'd come" boom arthas/kid arthas in the dark with her. No armor no hope. End scene. Could be good imo impactful without ruining his character and ending banshee ladies story

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