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    Eh, not really the worst. Vengeance was the worst until they got uber-buffed - And, as mentioned, the top M+ group had a Bear tank it, and nobody else in the West has gotten a +31, so there's something to Bear tanks.
    I don't think that what it takes to get a level 31 is super relevant to the majority of players. Druid's major issue in m+ is still lack of ability to slow/kite - something that I'm sure a super coordinated level 31 group can work around because the dps can handle it, but that's not really helpful for your average +11 group of randos.

    My experience with guardian last tier was that they were... fine at raiding. I felt like I was missing a cd until I got the (extremely strong) N'Zoth absorb trinket on a 1 minute cd, then I was basically immortal.
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