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    Alliance [A] [Whisperwind] <Ouroborös> Recruiting for Shadowlands 12/12 NYA Heroic Tues/Thurs

    We are a heroic raiding guild that also does Mythic+. Our guild is about having fun downing bosses, completing keys, and making friends, at the same time being competitive in content. We currently have Heroic Nya on-farm and clear it In one night! Our raid days are Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 9 pm CST. If you like more info please contact me in-game or my battletag is negativeman#1616. In-game mail works as well with your battletag information. I can also be reached on discord at

    Classes and specs listed we are looking for are in no particular order. WE ALSO HAVE A OPEN SLOT FOR A HEALER AND A TANK!

    Beastmaster/Marks hunter
    Fire/Frost Mage
    Shadow Priest
    Elemental Shaman
    Balance Druid

    Regards Negativeman
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