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    General Discussions under World of Warcraft should have LFR mega-thread?

    Should the General discussion under WOW in the forums have a mega-thread for all things LFR? Seems we get a new thread or three each week. Is it time?

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    Most of these threads have sufficiently different enough topics/angles that multiple threads is fine. If two concurrent threads happen to be discussing the same thing, then we can close one and redirect to the other at that time.

    We have an entire subforum devoted to dungeons and raids, and it doesn't really make sense to have an "LFR" megathread anymore than it would to have a "heroic raiding" megathread. Forcing everything into a single megathread wouldn't make sense in this context and would make discussion more cumbersome for users. [on that note, LFR threads should be put in this subform, not WoWGen]

    Megathreads make sense when either a topic is overwhelming a forum with duplicate threads (a couple a week don't really qualify) or when there is a more niche discussion that is nonetheless very active (say "gun control" or "high elves" or "Humble Bundles" or "2020 Sports season"). Not everything that is an oft-discussed topic necessarily fits as a megathread; it just depends on what makes sense for that topic.

    For aforementioned reasons, LFR doesn't really fit well as a megathread as opposed to a regularly-visited topic in the raiding subforum.

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