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    [A] <Tune Up> 11/12M recruiting for cutting edge progress


    Tune Up is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that started mythic raiding in Legion
    We all have a common goal that is to progress to the furthest of our abilities in an effective way without having to raid 5+ days a week.

    Current Status:
    We are currently lacking last few players that aims as we do, to get Cutting Edge before next patch.

    We would like to get our hands on a few dps (ranged prefered) and a tank with good experience of the nzoth fight.
    Our best try so far have been just below 50% and we know with the right people we can achieve Cutting Edge.

    If you are a player that wants to push and get cutting edge in a friendly atomosphere, you can handle criticism and want to keep your character up to date then dont hesitate to contact me on jkke#21676 or tuttes ingame. You can also use the application form on wowprogress to apply to the guild. We do not require that you switch server in order to raid with us.

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    Still on the lookout for (Lock,Mage,Hunt,SP) for Nzoth our best try so far is 29%. Add me on btag for more information

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