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    Quote Originally Posted by KrayZ33 View Post
    What weaknesses are you talking about though.

    DK in WotLK had stun immunity, magic immunity, fear immunity, good sustain, good burst, good slow (and thus didn't need gap closers as much as others), very tanky, didn't lose DPS like warriors when they went full defense mode, range interrupt with silence attached to it.
    They even had a good enough amount of range DPS to get the job done if someone was able to get away, compared to other melee classes.
    etc. pp.

    What was DK missing? "glaring weakness" surely not.

    That doesn't mean DKs could win every single fight easily, no - but that's more due to how OP some of the spells and talents of other classes were.
    For example, SV Hunter's Explosive Shots could stun you on every tick and would be able to burst you down if you aren't careful with that spell alone - but unlike DKs, they actually did have a glaring weakness.... the dead-zone.
    I don't disagree that DKs had a lot of tools, but so did literally all classes. Were they strong? Yes, and I don't disagree with that and they had versatile tools. But they had glaring weaknesses like relying on a single gapcloser. You could easily have mage vs DK that could be finished without the mage losing much HP at all, though it could equally go the other way. They each had weaknesses they had to account for.
    A lot of the strong tools of the DK had various ways of being countered by other classes, leading to different strategies. The burst damage was also quite high. A lot of the times a DK would have to rely on a lot of those abilities as potential defensive abilities during times where they had to reach the target, and wrong use either offensively or defensively could ruin the match for a DK. Something like AMS only had about 5-7 seconds of uptime and you'd have to wait out the cooldown after that.
    Also they didn't have a ranged interrupt, only a ranged silence (on a 2 min cd), but a melee interrupt. Their slow was good, but it also meant using up runes and could be countered by class/spec abilities, as well as having a 20 yard range, that could make it irrelevant with correct spacing. They also lack a CC. Another weakness, depending on the fight. Lacked anti-snare capabilities. Meaning they were dependent on a 20 yard variable snare that needed frost or death runes available to use, and on a 30 yard grab attack. Death Grip had like 25 sec cd talented. In contrast to that Blink was 15 seconds at default. Now, to be fair it also had a shorter range (20-25 yards, or should I say x-25, as it depends on the environment), but that was the pros and cons you had to deal with back then.
    Icebound Fortitude didn't break stuns back then, last time I checked (believe it got added in Cata pre-patch). Meaning it had to be use before a possible stun.

    So, DKs were good, but they were not the end-all-be-all class. They were amongst the overall better classes, but depending on the circumstances they might be at an disadvantage as well.
    How do I know this? I've played WotLK enough to know it. I've also searched the internet for posts about the subject from during WotLK and even some of the private server forums.
    What gets mentioned the most as OP? Paladins. However, there are major disagreements regarding that as well, depending on environmental factors and type of pvp.

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    First of all, you must know that we were intentionally overpowered to a fault. This was explicitly stated because Ghostcrawler was worried that people would not want to switch mains and level a new character through TBC again to get to Wrath.

    But... It was glorious. The freedom of talents, ability to tank or dps in any spec, etc all made this class the most fun I've had in my 15 or so years of playing. The main drawback was itemization. Specs were held back due to expertise, hit rating, defense rating, etc. If blizzard would simply give it a chance, we could easily get a Wrath version of DK now, but without any of the problems that class had back then.

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    Unholy killing people at range from 30 yards away with icy touch and lol coil spam in arena s5 was the most overtuned shit this game has ever seen, i still laugh irl at every DK and Holy Paladin that got Deadly Gladiator in season 5 in 2s arena.
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    Blood DPS, Frost Tanking, and Unholy Tanking were cool as fuck.

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    DKs have always been a blast to play, no matter the xpac IMO.
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    It was glorious. You could tank in every spec, raise players as a ghoul, had raidwide presences, were able to use diseases from other DK's. The class theming also fit in WotLK really well. I still love playing as DK to this day, but its stripped down hard of what made it so much more fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorianus View Post
    i still laugh irl at every DK and Holy Paladin that got Deadly Gladiator in season 5 in 2s arena.
    This meme video from WotLK times sums it up

    "♫♫...all you noobs out there, learn to play...♫♫"

    I love it

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    I only played it for the first patch or so, when Shadow of Death was still its original thing and it was... very overpowered. Thats simply all there was to say. It was lots of fun? But... really really OP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantomen View Post
    It called riposte in a swordfight. If you make a correct parry it usually it leve you in a superior postion, that allow you a "easy" strike agenst the opponent who is in a inferior postion.
    Well yes, but when your objective is to take as little damage as possible in a game, mechanics like that are counter intuitive. OH attacks should have been exempt IMO

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    in dps , you was blood spec and you was just spamming death strike, each hit healed you full life and did a lot of damage, dk was OP , but the 2 expansion after wotlk, dk player cryed an ocean with all the bat nerf the dk had receive

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaddd View Post
    DKs have always been a blast to play, no matter the xpac IMO.
    cataclysm was really hard for dk, all dps spec was nerfed to the 55 underground level

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    Considering my most notable DK moment was close to Wrath release, when a group of horde killed me near the nexus, just for me to return as a ghoul and manage to wipe their entire group, I say it was glorious. It was absolutely broken mess, and I loved it dearly. I will look back at these memories on my death bed.
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    Had some really fun mechanics which were gotten rid of unfortunately...was rather powerful in PvP, if I recall the only thing that truly outclassed it was the massively OP Ret Pally spec

    Had a lot of versatility like you mentioned....could really do almost anything as any spec

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    Quote Originally Posted by chubbybunny View Post
    My youngest son didn't know much about classes and their spec... He ended up running most dungeons as a tank in blood spec, his older brother was a healer, and together they spammed a lot of dungeons... Everyone they grouped up with were amazed that blood could tank... What they didnt realise was that my youngest son was only 8 years old and not one group wiped..
    Proud parent moment right here.

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    The Death and Decay glyph good times.

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    Tanking as Unholy was awesome with Unholy Blight, AMZ and Bone Shield.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catalystical View Post
    Tanking as Unholy was awesome with Unholy Blight, AMZ and Bone Shield.
    Yup, best DK tank spec in Wrath

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    The best way I could describe it from my experience. It was like a cocaine bender that would never end, and when it finally did it was a painful morning or two after.

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    Honestly I don't think unholy is getting enough of a shout out as it needs as a dps spec

    at the start shadow strike was like mortal strike that you could spam back to back but it was full shadow damage, you could rip people in half pretty easily

    the garg was crazy, turning into a ghoul after death was crazy, amz was crazy, unholy blight was good, death coils hit for numbers

    I wish they'd just fully revert unholy back to wotlk tbh

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    DK:s where completely broken in the beginning mostly because of the Death strike wich healed for a crazy amount. They were decent at tanking but had some issues with threat wich caused blizz to buff the shit out of their threat generation. As for the speccs they felt kind of weird because you could dps and tank in every spec even though some were better than others.

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    Tanking ICC25 without much of any heal required on the first half of the raid.

    Yes, I think DK's were pretty broken.

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