Guild name: Valkyrie Ascension
Faction: Horde
Realm: Tichondrius [US]
Realm Type: PvE
Raid days: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Raid times: 7:30-10:30 EST

About Us
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We are a new raiding guild who's goal is to get cutting edge mythic for each shadowlands raid! The guild was formed with some friends who left a previous guild to reach higher goals within wow. All members have 12/12 H at least.

While raiding will be our main focus, we still plan on having a wide arrange of activities! Including PVP, mythic+, and achievement runs! We do this because we still want people to have fun, this also will help people get more gear and get better prepared for raiding!

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Since we are a new guild, we have no progress as a guild. Even though the guild has no experience, almost all members have 12/12 H progress and a select few have mythic progress!

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As our numbers are low still, we have no specific class/spec that is needed! The only thing that we ask for is that when we go into shadowlands, you either know your class well or learn your class by the time we get into Castle Nathria! We have multiple resources in the guild discord and multiple people who play multiple classes who would be willing to help out! Once we get closer to raiding, we can refine our ranks to get specific roles needed!

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Bnet- Verroh#1569
Discord- steele4307#9735
Discord will be the easiest way to reach me!