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    About two cups a day, sometimes more. Does latte or cappucino count?

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    I drink around 4 or 5 cups a day. With some extra added energy drinks. Nothing contains sugar. It almost has no effect on me when I drink something. Even when I dont drink coffee or drinks I feel no change. I could drink a big 1L bottle of energy drink right now and have a good sleep with no trouble waking up when needed.

    I wish I had this 'cafeine keeps me up' body. I doubt Im addicted as I have gone weeks without.

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    Not much. I don't get the coffee craze, only thing that helps me feeling sleepy is sleeping. I sleep 8 hours a day, of course some nights I can't sleep for whatever reason but most nights I get a good sleep. I eat 14 meals a week and maybe 3 to 4 of them I have a coke with, so thats it.

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    2 black cups one in the morning and afternoon. Then Green tea for dinner.

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    I am drinking it so much that it does not really have an effect on me.

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    Enough to kill a Tiger.
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