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    Because that's not going to add to the sense of a toxic environment at all.

    Imagine a customer goes into a hardware store because they need screws to fix a wood chair back home. Once in the store they are confused by the different kinds of wood screws available so they ask an employee fo a quick tip. Said employee, who can't be bothered atm, responds with "use google." How do you think that customer is going to rate that stores customer experience?

    Could they have easily googled the question from their phone? yes.
    Would google have provided extensive and detailed information? yes.
    Did the refusal to help and expectation to "figure it out yourself" add to a sense of community and support? No fucking way.

    That's essentially what happens to new players. It doesn't matter what you think is "better" fast and efficient. What matters is that it comes across as dismissive and feels like shit to a person just trying to reach out. The message is "don't ask for help, no one cares."

    At the very least, add a "if you still have questions, /w me."
    I am not an employee, I am a player. An employee in a store is paid to be helpful and should be fired if he isn't. I am not paid to be helpful in WoW.
    I always help people that do the minimum to help themselves and respect my time. People who are lazy, toxic and disrespectful reap what they sow.
    To give an example:
    Question 1: "'What mage spec does most dps". The only answer to such a question is "google it", because that person couldn't be arsed to do a basic search = lazy and toxic
    Question 2: "Guide 1 says Fire, but guide 2 says Frost. I couldn't find anything that explains why they are different". That person I would help if I could, because that person has proven that he has a functioning brain and isn't lazy. I would even spend quite a lot of time helping that person.

    And "community" for me is interacting with normal and non-toxic people. "Community" for me isn't helping/carrying lazy and toxic people. They should wallow in the mud with all the other toxic and lazy players.

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    I like being nice to people on WoW, they don't expect it.

    Back in the day I used to run lowbies through dungeons when I got bored because it actually meant something to them. Interacting with lowbies was a bigger deal back in the day because it took people longer to level, the gear was way worse originally.. Those were the days.

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    I always respond and try to help. Im a dick but not an asshole.
    If you are offended by something i said, im probably at least 45% sorry about it and there is a 3% Chance it was not on purpose!

    Victim to Blizzard-Marketing since 2004

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    Love this thread!

    I like to think I try to help others, but I will go forward with a conscious effort to do so now

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    Quote Originally Posted by m4elstr0m View Post
    As a veteran (played since wrath) I've already unsub because of this, and I'm not even a new player. Just a ex-raider that wants to relax at nights doing a dungeon or a bg. But it's not possible. Because if you ask something, you will be treated like shit. No room for errors, even in heroic dungeons (you know, you can be drunk/wasted when playing)
    lol wrath baby

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