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    Doesn't strike me as very similar to the Legion pre-patch event yet...
    It's not and won't be. It's another lackluster experience attempting to rehash successful ideals and bleed it dry.
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    Trust me.

    Zyky is better than you.

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    I wish we had alternative quest, like burning up some night elves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justpassing View Post
    What if I don't want to fight Nathanos or Sylvanas?

    I am in the same boat, I want to join them. So I guess I look at as Im sending Nathanos to Sylvanas side and getting that Fat loot at same time.

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    How is there no Plague-19 mask toy drop?????

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    Being that Nathanos is a WQ boss, will he reset every week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyphael View Post
    There used to be a loyalist path until Blizzard got lazy.
    You mean literally after the first quest int he swamp of Sorrows, after which we got the same quests always loyalist or rebel alike, killing Sylvanas soldiers, freeing her prisoners and so on with Nathanos simply stating "Yeah good job at playing 4D chess".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indres View Post
    Such bad writing lmao

    Sylvanas had barely any forces left, Bwonsamdi is worshipped by the zandalari, whom again are back by the horde. It makes zero sense for her to somehow believe that he is capable of killing him when a literal army hammering down on dazar alor couldnt.
    Except that he had to flee from that army, abandoning Rastakhan in the process and letting him die... and that army had to face both Bwomsandi and Rastakhan, who had a reputation of extremely powerful witch doctor even without Bwonsamdi empowering him with powers of Death. Loa are indeed powerful creatures, but they are not invincible. We've already seen death of many loa during lifespan of WoW.

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    C'mon man

    Quote Originally Posted by Mentaldemise View Post
    Why is nathanos just randomly hanging out at his house for no apparent reason?

    That's his house. He sat at it during vanilla wow as a level 60 elite with his dogs.

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