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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowcharm View Post
    Sub has ran out and was thinkinging of resubbing for the pre-patch and buying the xpac in September. With this thing going live I will be doing none of these things. GG Blizz you just missed out on a sale
    Don't worry, you won't be missed.

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    So I started playing right around that time so it was very aggravating to me as a brand new player. That being said, I totally would have taken advantage of it if I had been playing longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulwind View Post
    It was fun for a few minutes, but annoying if you had to do anything else.

    I can't imagine new people playing the game for the first time and trying to level up while max level players ran around turning NPCs and killing them had much fun with it. If anything, I'd say Blizzard has never done something similar again because they saw people dropping out of the game permanently because of it.
    Except Blizzard today is a completely different Blizzard than before. Comparing how good/popular the game was and how popular is today, I would say they didnt share too much info or experience with each other. My guess is that we will go through this issue again like it never happened before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikeyla View Post
    My guess is that we will go through this issue again like it never happened before.
    Repeating past mistakes with zero self-awareness seems to be a trend with Blizzard lately, yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polybius View Post
    "Game experience may change," goes over some players' heads. Also, lack of common sense. If the city is under attack then what stops me from going to a different one?
    Wow, you actually believe there's not enough players in this game to shut down every noteworthy city in game. You naive young thing you.
    Quote Originally Posted by smrund View Post
    I'm sorry sir, but we do not serve complimentary cheese when you bring your own whine.

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