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    WoW current status

    Hi everyone. I have a question for subscribed people here.

    I would like to know which one of the versions (Classic or BfA) you prefer. I have seen many different takes on the current situation, with people preferring one instead of the other, and I would like to see what the public thinks.

    Please let me know the good, the bad, and your personal opinion about them.

    I stopped playing Classic before BWL got released (was level 60 though) and BfA before Mechagon. I don't really think I am qualified to judge the situation myself, because I lived the start of Classic when everyone was playing, and I lived the worst iteration of BfA. Things may have changed in the meantime I guess.

    Thanks in advance.

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    BFA is vastly superior, IMO.

    I know there is a lot of buzz about Classic and it has its merits, but all in all, it's an antiquated game with activities straight out of 2005.

    BFA has excellent dungeons and raids, there is reasonable solo activity that does not make you fall asleep on the keyboard and of course it looks, sounds and plays much better than WoW did back in 2005. Questing experience is simply better, you have actual coherent storylines with voice acting and what not. Some might say things like "muh classes", but quite frankly BFA classes are head and shoulder above what Vanilla ever was.

    The downside is Blizzard's maniacal pursuit of various systems upon systems, where nowadays in BFA you have 3 major patches worth of systems to mix, which imo is a good patch or two worth of systems more than there should have been. Many people prefer simpler times of Vanilla where you had your gear and your spells and did not have to care about bajillion other boxes to tick and I can understand that.

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    Well. The slower pace is actually a calming/welcoming change to the fast-paced action gameplay of BFA.

    That said, I do tend to agree, that BFA is overall just a better product. Specifically the end-game content.
    Classic end-game isn't hard, it's actually boring in on itself. The social aspect changes that a lot though. 39+ others to do it with is the secret ingredient there. And I guess the simplicity allows for the fact that you can play with people who are genuinely terrible at the game if they were to be for example thrown into Ny'alotha mythic. But you can play with them relatively problem free in classic.

    However, I think TBC is where the real oomph of the greatest times of WoW would be IMO.

    PS. I would prefer modern wow to be without a million tickboxes too. Todays wow for anyone who wants to participate in higher end, more fun and challenging content is insane in the amount of prerequisites.

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    Social aspects can proably be better on classic I guess. Anyway as someone who been 60 for like 2 weeks now...Bored. I have cleared all raids (Not MC or AQ yet...), gotten enough gear. I think for me worst part is just how classes feel, unbalanced, how little gear matters etc. Last BWL clear with a pug I went and got all the world buffs and consums...and holly fuck, its aids. You double your stats with consums, gear matters that little. Sitting at 44% crit, 1400 attack power with my shitty gear all due to world buffs and consums.

    Anyway, I got bored of it quick. There is very little content to do once 60...As a tank I was also able to farm 5 mans fast, so now I only need raid drops, and ZG is fun enough to clear for the 5-6th time, but meeeh. Also I hate how threat is like in classic, its fucking dumb, nobody can defend that...Like say on onyxia melee is fucking useless 80% of the fight.
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    Thank you for the replies so far guys.

    I admit I fell in love with Classic due to its semplicity and how easy it is to get things rolling. Pugging is very viable, but the content gets old very quick.

    At the same time, retail is where I have all my stuff (VERY long time player). I am just kind of OCD about achievements, so it would be hard for me to keep a casual playstyle there. Also pugging, afaik, gets harder and harder.

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    "Game vs Game" type threads don't tend to produce much in the way of constructive discussion or debate. Closing this.
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