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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    yeah,living in toxic swamps is a joy for some lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Santti View Post
    Seen quite enough of Classic community, with the people who use addons to spot world buffs on people for the sole purpose of suicide dispelling in cities.

    Or those that purposefully suicide on world bosses to make them stronger, to foil attempts of other people.

    Keep your community, lol.
    Dam was fairly certain the sarcasm was pretty blatant. Added a /s to the post.

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    Outdoor questing in classic is harder than outdoor questing in retail I'll agree. It's a lot easier to die in classic if you mess up and pull extra mobs etc. And player power in general in the outdoor world is higher compared to common enemies generally in retail.

    However, if we're comparing the most difficult content in each, no way. Now, I'm not saying that 'Vanilla raids are all braindead easy' or anything like that. But you look at mythic vs them, or mythic+ dungeons compared to like UBRS/scholo/stratholme, there's no contest.

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    If we really want to go with exploiting a raid boss kill solo we could point at actual vanilla with Kazzak solo with reckbomb;
    World boss meant for 40 people, killed by one reckoning boi.

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    "Game vs. Game" type threads don't tend to produce much in the way of constructive discussion or debate. Closing this.
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