After messing around with the new bloodtalons talent for feral on the ptr, I feel that it could be played significantly more effectively with a weak aura to track builders. The new bloodtalons works as follows:

When you use 3 different combo point-generating abilities within 5 sec, the damage of your next 2 Rips or Ferocious Bites is increased by 30%.

I found rake, shred and brutal slash to be an ideal way to get bloodtalons but thrash and swipe can also be mixed in to get the bloodtalons buff and the order is ambiguous. My question is would it be possible to make a weak aura that has a timer bar which tracks the 5 seconds its been since the first builder ability was used and resets if the same builder is re-used. Also, would it be possible to add icons indicating the first and second builder abilities used to make it easy to know which builders to avoid to get bloodtalons? Of note, you can use a finisher within this 5 second window and a builder afterwards and still get the bloodtalons buff, so that would also need to be incorporated. For example, rake, shred, ferocious bite, brutal slash would proc bloodtalons, but I would only want to see the rake and shred icons.

While I have made some simple WAs for myself, this type of dynamic group is far beyond me. Does anyone have the know-how to make something like this happen? Is it even possible? Worst case scenario you can definitely just "get gud" and keep track/count in your head, but I'm all about min/maxing and waiting for rake/rip pandemic windows and playing around with energy pooling whist getting the bloodtalons buff and not going over 5 secs adds an extra level of complexity to this new mechanic and I feel my timer idea would really help a lot with this.

Thanks in advance to all you WA gurus!