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    The first time i logged into the game, i couldn't decide i should create a warrior or a rogue, eventually i ended creating a warrior. I got a NElf warrior that has shadowmeld, and something that i always wished was being able to move whille shodowmelded, i never dinged a rogue at max level, i think (not sure) i had one at level 30. When i stoped playing wow i started playing a trial acc, and i created a Panda Rogue, i had loads of fun with him both in PvE and PvP, but i really hated how the combo point systhem worked.

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    Rogues are amazing and my favorite class in the game. The worst class in the game? Paladins. Unkillable, shield-casting, full health-healing, bubble & hearthing bastards.

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    no rogue...Dh is the most hated,easy playing,big dps,and illidan'$ hd-weapon.
    then paladins,druids

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    I hate pet classes in general - But I especially hate warlock and shadow priest. They suck ass, no damage, no survival...Awful shitty classes. I have all classes at same item level in legion and now in BFA, but nothing changes...still shitty. Granted I also like melee classes in wow the most so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantazma View Post
    Rogues should not be able to move at normal speed, or worse, greater speed, while in stealth... and yet Subtlety rogues have a +20% movement speed bonus while in stealth with the right talent.

    That's like saying one can speak louder while whispering. It makes no logical sense.

    Stealth should force the rogues to move at a slower pace. "RP-walk" pace would be ideal, but that's just my opinion. But being in stealth should add a movement speed penalty.
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    For me.

    Feral druids beeing faster then you and just running around you while those bleeds slowly tick and tick.
    Warlocks. Death coil and then you get 1shot. never seen a attack crit that high!
    Mages. got all ze spells and iceblock just to annoy you.
    Paladins. Stun+heal. Lay on hands. Bubble and heal! still can't win? bubble + HS.. This and plate armor...
    Demon hunter. before you could fly! dubble jump over a wall i couldn't get over! and so mobile the can escape a slower class.

    Owyea i mained a DH and a rogue Dragon soul raid was the best time! BIS geared and 1 killing spree was enough to kill most raiders off there flying mount! + slowfall from daggers so none were save! had entire raid teams try and find me because i pissed some of em offxD the boy that will forever be named the HHD wiper. R.I.P

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    Anything with a lot of cc (mages and rogues ) and warlocks.

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    Fuck druids. Seriously. Their playstyle is cancer. Their heals in PvP is cancer. Their mobility combined with stuns and self heals in PvP is cancer. Their tanks are almost always the worst players you'll ever come across, PvP or PvE. Their models have a massive target range for some reason so it's almost impossible to click on something like loot, items or quest NPCs when they're around. They're generally an eyesore to look at because their aesthetic is so ugly. They have the worst presence in RP communities and reminds me of why lobotomy is sometimes not a bad thing.

    Druids have brought nothing positive into the game from the very start and continue to be the most pampered pieces of shit out there, yet they refuse to quit bitching and crying about how under represented they are, and how little they get in special treatment in terms of cosmetics, transmog and buffs. They make high Elf fetishists on this forum look normal.

    Not to mention guardian and feral are both knockoffs that perform better than the classes and specs they are copy/pasted from... That is if their users had the IQ to actually use their abilities instead of clicking the autoattack switch on and off at mach 5 speed.

    Double not to mention that horrible piece of shit toy that summons a god awful ugly boomkin statue that turns everyone in the area into a boomkin.

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