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    Quote Originally Posted by Heartbreaker23 View Post
    By going to the auction house and buying it with gold.
    Lets use the FULL quote next time, shall we? To avoid looking foolish:

    Quote Originally Posted by arkanon View Post
    Think this one through - HOW can you buy it with gold? If someone else has already cleared the content and obtained a BOE item? Yeah. Someone still had to clear the content - that is on par with buying a clear with gold. Raid loot still came from the raid - its just that for whatever reason, the person who did the raid and got the loot has decided to sell it.

    Not at all the same thing.

    See the point is, someone still cleared that raid - the loot still came from a raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daedius View Post
    I mean, to me there isn't a lick of difference between someone logging in for 1 minute in the entire month, to someone playing for 24/7... they both pay the same amount, yet Blizzard wants people to log in everyday.
    Someone who only plays 1 minute a month might cancel the sub for various miniscule reasons also. There might be a reason, why blizzard sees engaging players on a higher prioritiy for feature development and takes the negative feedback from the ALT-crazy part of the community.

    Some people pay the sub with the demand for a specific content they either may get or not. (single player game logic)
    Some people pay the sub for the MMO access with content beeing there as a variety. (mmo player logic)

    I think its a nice feature to keep the newbies some thing to do and maybe, just maybe get into real mmo gameplay while allready online.

    The reward structure is allways somewhat limited to keep the power-gamers in check with time-gating so they cant exploit it with simply more /played but if it offers a small min-max for long term progression, I think its fine.

    Of course I dont like every stupid mini-game as a chore, but since its just there to help the mmo newbies engaged and help them to get a chance into the real game, I am fine with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by testsubjectzz View Post
    Trend appears that it is going to be in every single expansion? I don't really understand it. Don't you just select followers and send them out to come back for loot. Has Blizzard ever answered this question. WoD mission table used to give raid loot which was nice. Doesn't appear raid loot can drop in BFA missions? Can someone just explain the rationale behind mission tables?
    They're for players, who pay 15$ for doing things, that can be done for free via other means. 15$ just because it's Warcraft franchise. In this case for players, who want to pay $15 for playing auto-chess from their smartphone. Yeah, mission table has always been about trying to "port" Wow to mobile.

    But as for me, it has always been about offline progress. I.e. when I can't play game for whole day, because I have a job, but when I come home, some rewards are already waiting for me. This was good attempt to make equal conditions for both players, who can play 24/7, and pure casuals, who log in just for few minutes. That's, why it had became pointless for me since exact moment, when it started to require resource grind. It's just better to grind rewards directly, than use this time-gated mission table as intermediate step.

    Current logic is - you grind resources, while you're online, in order to play mini game from your smartphone, while you're offline. Completely pointless, if you don't use companion App.

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    I always just found them to be something small but cool to do to make you feel like you are managing a bunch of champions/heroes underneath you as you are becoming more powerful and they are "battling" the threats in areas you aren't currently engaged in.

    Though they just seem to be one of those things that attract the usual whiny people to them to complain on forums incessantly about.

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    boring and useless game content i guess...

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    It's a small additional bit of stuff to do you can toss on an app.

    I'm not bothered by it, currently in beta it gives some Anima, rep and gold. The autobattler thing they did seems to be sort of pointless, but overall It's OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkanon View Post
    See the point is, someone still cleared that raid - the loot still came from a raid.

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