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  • Night Fae

    120 61.86%
  • Kyrian

    16 8.25%
  • Necrolord

    31 15.98%
  • Venthyr

    27 13.92%
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    kyrian because!!

    Restoration: Lone Meditation Icon Lone Meditation (Healer): Connect with your inner spirit, increasing healing done by 15% for 10 seconds.
    Restoration: Kindred Focus Icon Kindred Focus (Healer): Focus on your bonded partner, replicating 30% of all healing you deal onto them.

    I think it will cover the weakness in single target improvement.

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    I like the necro set and they skill seems to be a great for pretty much every situation overall. So unless its nerfed beyond recogniton I will probably be going with the Necrolords

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    Its a tie between Venthyr and NightFae.

    I just cant say no to more mobility.
    Night Fae has the looks, the mobility and lore i adore.
    But as a former Horde-player I would lobe the venthyr to give me some more sinister edge. And the teleport is by far my favorite ability.
    Imagine being a void elf venthyr warlock!
    Gate, teleport, rift, teleport. IM EVERYWHERE

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    I'm doubting between Necro and Night Fae. I love both the aesthetics and ability from the NF but I think NL is better for PVP.

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    ravenous frenzy seems like the kind of ability that'll look good on logs but cause a lot of heartburn in actual game circumstances

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    Easily Kyrian.

    Class ability is now off GCD, pair it with Tiger's Lust as feral. Plop it on a dps as Guardian for more damage. Flexibility for Resto, either lone buff in raids/pvp or on tank/dps for M+.

    Pelagos from a stat perspective is amazing for Guardian druid. For the selfish Feral druid.

    Kleia basically gives whole class a "form" of Leader of the Pack Healing which is group utility. Feral needs this to get out of the meme-spec blacklist.

    Forgelite, to me is the pvp soulbind. Soulsteel clamps combined with relentless basically makes you un-stunnable. Likely the bind i never use since the other two are so fantastic.

    Most classes BIS covenant is not Kyrian, so it's a very safe route to take to get into groups - even as feral.
    For PvE:
    S Tier Kyrians: Ele/Enh Sham, Holy/Disc Priest
    A Tier Kyrians: Havoc, Hunters, Mages, BM Monk, Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman, Warlocks, Prot Warrior

    All A Tiers, have a class BIS over Kyrian. For Example: Venthyr for DPS warriors, Venthyr for DH. Nightfae for DKs, etc

    Since there's only 4 specs that BIS Kyrian (as of 9/21/20) it's a safe choice. You will get invites.
    I think with the flexibility of Kindred Spirits it's overall a good ability for a class with 4 specializations. Pelagos and Kleia both are good for all specs too.

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    For me personally.. im edging towards Venthyr. Armor and spell seem to fit me tho.. depending how more numbers go i could go fae. I tend to change spec alot for my guild be it tanking, healing or balance. My main is feral. and venthyr feels.. iffy for tanking and healing but bis for boomie :P so its kinda all up in the air atm. Kyrian is good for feral but... not amazing. I dont think id ever take it even if it was bis as it dont feel right to me...

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    Druid healer


    3-flash of clarity
    4-resinant accolades
    6-innate resolve
    8-valiant strikes

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    Night Fae, obviously.

    I don't raid, unless I can solo it which implies now Legion raids will be my main target. I don't dungeon, only those mandatory for quests and once only. I don't PvP so didn't consider Covenants in that regard.

    I do zones, quests and story, bit RP-ing on my own and Nigh Fae feels the natural choice for a Druid.

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    Want to pick Night Fae, but sadly Venthyr is mathematically superior.

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    Going necro, like the armor and thinking the ability will be good for M+ heals.

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    Night Fae cos of Theme. Abilities for resto druid are also sweetah

  13. #33 guardian . So still not sure. Need to wait until final tuning, but. If , This is a wish. I would love for ironfur to be usable while channeling the night fae ability. Yes it can be op at times while rage capping 2-3 times in a raid or dungeon happen?

    I tested on beta, max 100 rage at start. Pop berserk, dump all on ironfur and pop ability , i was at max98,87% for less than a second. I propose, letting guardian druids cast ironfur During the channel. Atleast then we might be a bit more desirable.

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    Necro for my Feral. It's just got too much going for it.

    For one, Adaptive Swarm will hopefully make the dot playstyle viable in PvP and PvE. Never enjoyed the big bites, dots offer more complex gameplay. Which also means LI is back on the menu... Something about that ability makes my heart go brrrrrr.

    Fleshcraft is additional survivability (yes, please!) and makes it easier to restealth, on top of being a short CC immunity with the right soulbind.

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    Ability choice - probably necrolord. The shield seems like good utility and closing a gap for feral and guardian by giving more mitigation (shield presumably will absorb all damage physical/spell). The class specific necrolord ability will work well for both specs as well giving guardian more threat to go around on mobs and gives feral an additional AoE ability.

    Class theme - if they decoupled abilities from covenants I'd probably go with Kyrian, maybe nightfae. I like the theme of Kyrian a lot. Unfortunately I just don't see the abilities with those covenants closing some of the utility/ability gaps that I feel when playing feral/guardian and my character's playstyle/ability is more important.

    Necrolord is definitely not a theme I would want to play on my druid and is not something I'm looking forward to. It would be the reverse if I chose Kyrian or Night Fae for looks. I'd be disappointed in the ability and utility from each and wouldn't be something I look forward to. I wouldn't call this an interesting or meaningful choice but rather me making a mitigating choice of "which of these covenants and their soulbinds will be less bad or cause me the least grief?". Think of the analogy of someone who goes to a restaurant wanting a sandwich and is presented with having either a salad or toast. You're not really interested in either of them on their own but because you're hungry you'll just choose one of them anyways. Either way you're going to start looking at other restaurant choices.

    Ultimately it's just going to be an annoyance for the next 2 years that will likely get nerfed and changed over time, probably to the point where we stop really caring about them. Then they will go away with a "we learned a lot" message and we'll move on to whatever the next thing they dream up is. I really just want to play my class and do fun stuff with friends. Ah well.
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    No idea tbh. I'm gonna see what the guides say, see the difference between the top choices and go for the one that pleases me the most.

    Tbh, all the druid ones seem to be pretty underwhelming so i'm not even rooting for a particular one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcodez View Post
    I wouldn't call this an interesting or meaningful choice but rather me making a mitigating choice of "which of these covenants and their soulbinds will be less bad or cause me the least grief?".
    Strange, because you just described how this choice has meaning to you and why you're going with your pick.

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    Im going as Feral for the xpac and cannot choose between Venthyr or Night fae....or at least that’s what Im told are the best options.
    what is it looking like for Feral? is the Necrolords even a contending option?
    I kind of dont want to go Night fae but I also don’t want to be non-optimal

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    Kyrian if I was to choose based on the transmog.
    Necrolord if I was to choose based on the abilities for Guardian.
    I am quite clueless what to pick if I ever want to multispec in Shadowlands.

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