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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLachyG View Post
    how complete is that raid testing though? I have heard that there are yet to be tests done with legendaries, soulbinds etc
    The data is irrelevant, raid testing wasn't done with all systems available like you said... and there hasn't been any tuning done.
    The point was to arrange the data in an appropriate mode so that rankings could be made properly.

    What rankings that site did with the data available is far from how they should be made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iperson View Post
    take with a metric ton of salt.

    Seems right. Looks exactly like the last 5 expansions. After tuning Feral will drop to dead last with WW and SV.

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    So Assassin Rogue is in good spot right now ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow99 View Post
    So Assassin Rogue is in good spot right now ??
    Yeah until the next tuning patch sometime in the next week then you can check back and see if it changed. These numbers mean LITERALLY NOTHING. Before BFA launched last year DK was slated as going to be amazingly broken and your dumb if your melee and not a dk. Well 2 days before launch they nerfed the talent and dk's bit until 8.2.

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    People getting baited by that adverts mining piece of shit.


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    A bit saddened that Unholy's in a bad position again...
    Same goes for Demonology. That spec can't catch a break ever since its rework in Legion
    'Cuz if you're gonna be mine, you don't have to take your time~♪

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentsi View Post
    Why even make bait threads.... These are changing almost weekly.

    No one really gives a shit what the DPS rankings are RIGHT NOW, considering the game isn't due out for 4-5 months, and the first raid won't be for another month or two after that. Meaning, 6 months for this shit to work itself out. But Nah, let me try to piss people off for no reason because I'm a fucking douchebag.

    Got it.
    Added this post, so can quote it later, but forgot. Anyway

    November 17 – Mythic Castle Nathria
    Not 6,5,4 months, it's 3 month from your post. But yes it's plenty of time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheeler View Post
    Actually, looks like a total of 2 lists to me.

    Warlocks/Mages and then EVERYTHING ELSE.

    The balance (if these are based on logs) is actually fantastic from everything outside of Mage/Lock being unbelievably OP in a raiding environment again (Lock's coming up on this being the 3rd expansion as an S Tier PVE Class).
    And mages having at least one top 3 spec since 2004, so . . .
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    Nah nah, see... I live by one simple creed: You might catch more flies with honey, but to catch honeys you gotta be fly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oplawlz View Post
    And mages having at least one top 3 spec since 2004, so . . .
    Don't forget Sunwell.

    The only time where Mages weren't absolutely dominant at everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bisque View Post
    Doesn't number tunings come last? We are going to need more than one ton of salt for these rankings.
    Correct. Ranking the dps specs at this point is a joke.

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