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    Get some gear with Fury then you can try Arms again. And when you do, remember Arms has only one trick and that is ToM window. Focus on it with everything you have. Talents/gear/stats/essences/corruptions/rotation . These are all just there for bigger and more frequent ToM windows.

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    You're better off switching to Fury if you ask me. Arms only becomes great when you stack the hell out of good Azerite pieces with 3x Test of Might, rank 3 Lucid Dreams major, the right trinkets and a boatload of Haste via the right Corruptions; by the time you get these, we'll be at pre-patch unless you farm a helluva lot more than you already have. Before that Fury outpaces it and is far less gear dependent as well as (IMO) lots more fun to play.

    Regardless of what you decide, really you need to cover the basics first; get your good Essences, gem and enchant your stuff, run M+ to get a weekly chest going, upgrade your cloak, nab some Corruptions via visions and the vendor. Do these and you should find spots in Normal raids or something to that effect.
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    I switched to fury and my dmg output immediately increased, I'm at around 36k now. It's way more fun to play as well. Need a better OH however, but it's a huge increase nonetheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-34 View Post
    Not enchanting your gear, not gemming your gear does not increase your chances of being accepted in to pugs.
    Try to put yourself in the place of the guy organizing a m+ or a raid and try to look at your character from the outside.
    who would think anything other than "oh a new character", nobody is going to judge a 445 for not having enchants :P.

    but yeah, just take your own key and work it up you'll have a much easier time. it barely matters who you invite to low keys.

    at minimum try to get in a +10 every week for a 465 piece in box. (but if you have any friends at all who still play the game, ask them for a +15 carry)
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