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    they seemed to have blocked the ability to turn into Zombies at the moment on the PTR. if you find the plague roaches or vermin, or crates. and turn into a zombie it will DC you.

    happened to me about 7 times testing and happened to others

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    If anyone is interested this is the list for EU servers (taken from the weekly maintenance pages as no post has yet been made), most of these are connections they tried before though, only Arthas-Durotan is a new one:

    - Kilrogg / Nagrand / Runetotem is being connected to Arathor / Hellfire

    - Forscherliga / Die Nachtwache is being connected to Todeswache / Zirkel des Cenarius
    - Echsenkessel / Mal'ganis / Taerar is being connected to Blackhand
    - Durotan / Tirion is being connected to Arthas / Blutkessel / Kel’Thuzad / Vek’lor / Wrathbringer

    - Подземье (Deepholm) / Разувий (Razuvious) is being connected to Галакронд (Galakrond)

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    What are the rewards for DAILLIES on a PRE-PATCH?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drejjmit View Post
    I feel bad for the English servers being joined with Spanish/Portuguese servers
    which one of those servers is spanish or portuguese?

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    This gonna be a good pre expansion event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatePsy View Post
    Ugh, any OCE connections yet? Feels like we're always an afterthought. Saurfang sorely needs to be connected to one of the higher pop realms.
    What is there to connect, you guys got like only 2 or 3 servers lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by kodemonkee View Post
    What is there to connect, you guys got like only 2 or 3 servers lol

    I count 11 homie. 4 Low Pops during peak time too.
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    Excited to see some more realms added to Staghelm/Azuremyst. Pretty dead lately, which doesn't impact me directly due to my solo-play nature, but I like to see folks in the cities/questing. Can't hunt down any horde in the world if none are around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josyel View Post
    What are the rewards for DAILLIES on a PRE-PATCH?
    pre patch is off duty in icecrown, checked at 8:00am realm time

    yesterday those blue quests yielded gold only, we miss the correct currency for the prepatch armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatePsy View Post

    I count 11 homie. 4 Low Pops during peak time too.
    Oh a few more, I think there were less in Legion when I watched Quin69's stream, maybe I am wrong here and was drunk lol

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