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    Cool Most OP champ, and why?

    Hi all

    Always fun to talk OP champs in LoL - especially, why you think so.

    I think Leona is the most OP support, cause of her easy engage option and massive CC.

    Who do you think?

    Glen Michaelsen
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    Probably Zed and Yasuo.

    Both champs that can basically get away with really obnoxious bs without any consequence both early and late. Yone looks pretty annoying too but I haven't seen him much.

    Also still hate blitzcrank since day 1.

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    yone and akali seem kinda busted atm.

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    Zoe has a spot for me because she can use several summoner spells in a fight, seeing someone use flash 3 times in a single fight filled me with utter disgust at riot's balance team

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