Hi. We are a BM monk, Resto druid and BM hunter on eu silvermoon, looking for like minded people to do M+keys with.
We all have around 2.5k raider io score and are pushing 18/19 keys currently.
We are non elitist and like to have a laugh on discord while helping each other through challenges. We would love to have a couple of steady DPS join us. So if you are sick of toxic pugs or idiots that leave mid key please hit me up!

We are also actively looking for a guild to curve with in shadowlands. We can be flexible with classes in regards to raiding (I main BM monk, but also have a prot/fury warrior, a bm hunter and unholy dk. My friends have other classes too)

We would look to raid on silvermoon but any alliance dps would be welcome to join us for M+.

Add me on bnet if you would like to chat : QuirkyTurtle#251826