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    Nazgrim actually had a character,Nathanos is just Danuser

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razion View Post
    Nazgrim was our ally through all of Cata and immediately got his story concluded at the end of Mists in SoO.

    Nathanos meanwhile was an epic character in vanilla, and then many expansions later we see slim hair or pickings of him, and then suddenly he's in a different body - a HUMAN body, no less, the very visage of the main enemies of the Forsaken, and while Nazgrim was essential throughout Cata and Mists, Nathanos played comparatively a smaller role until just recently so he's not as memorable and now he's thrown out almost as soon as he's relevant and noteworthy. People may have turned around to like Nathanos if we had more time with him separate from Sylvanas... and maybe that's part of the issue, too: that often we see Nathanos and Sylvanas, but we never saw Nazgrim with Garrosh, comparatively.

    Garrosh when Nazgrim was introduced had moments of honor, but when Nathanos was introduced Sylvanas was already in a place of negative reception.
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    No dev inserted Nazgrim into the game to be closer to his waifu. Nazgrim was a decently written and developed character, Nathanos is the embodiment of the jizz Danuser scraped from his Sylvanas body pillow.

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    One of them is still alive at the Beginning of Shadowlands, one of them will be getting perma death. Tyrande knows how to destroy souls now with her new powers so Nathanos is going to be deleted from existence once she jumps in at the end of the raid fight to finish him.

    Nazgrim is on his high horse commanding the forces of death, poor Nathanos is no more.
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    Nazgrim was a loyal orc.
    Nathanos a loyal forsaken.
    The horde is a concept only important to an orc lackey
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    Not sure how you even make remotly this comparison, unless all you see "Npc give quest, npc same, me make thread now!".
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    He fights for a greater cause now, Nathanos is self serving.
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    Nazgrim is someone we saw rise from Lieutenant to General. He was loyal to the position of Warchief even if he knew it was fucked up. He upholded the Horde as a faction and was willing to put his life on the line to see the Horde (either Garrosh's or the Rebellion) live through.
    He is also a symbol of where blind loyalty can take you if you aren't careful.

    Nathanos is a simp. He doesn't push the story forward. He is simply an extension of another character
    He is only important because he was a human male which apparently all Windrunners crave for
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    Nazgrim said cool stuff, like yelling at Shamans to do everything for him, and Thrall's Balls.

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    Nazgrim did show some f*cking respect to the PC. Nathanos does not. On a more serious note, Nazgrim choose the Horde above all else while Nathanos was Sylv above all else.

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    Cynicism. The answer is cynicism.

    Nazgrim had an ideology that he truly believed in and was upfront about. Every time Nathanos says anything about the Horde, or makes an appeal to honor, or duty, it's just a cynical tactic to manipulate people into doing what he wants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardenaso View Post
    more like Malkorok 2.0

    Geyarah almost became Nazgrim 2.0

    Gallywix is Blackfuse 2.0
    Gallywix is not nearly intelligent enough to be Blackfuse 2.0. He hasn't designed or built any of the Azerite weapons, he is just trying to profit from the war.

    Blackfuse had a much bigger impact on the Iron Horde than Garrosh, if you think about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueHorde View Post
    If Sylvanas is Garrosh 2.0, then Nathanos is Nazgrim 2.0.
    I am going to be the odd duck and say they are both great characters and while they fill similar roles their motovations are completely different.

    Nazgrim held honor above all. This served him the past and allowed the horde to stay united through many things. Unfortunately Nazgrim didn't see that the hirde was acting without honor. He was tunneled into his myopic vision to see his one act of honor was being washed away by Garrosh and his followers actions. We felt pity or at least empathy for this man trying to hold to his ideals for what would in his mind be better for his people.

    Nathanos is compelling for different reasons. We miss the fact that his motivation is for love. What we also forget is that when the forsaken rise and are freed their minds are still trapped back to their moments in life. So he constantly reverts and leans on 'I will do all I can for the woman I love.' Like Sylvannis who died at the moment of 'I will do everything I can to survive and be free.' The reason Nathanos is disliked more by players and eapecially the horde is that his motives are perceived as selfish or at least all for the person who is effectively evil. If this were a romance novel and he was the protagonist however we the audience would be sympathetic to him and slap our forehead why he is so blindingly in love with this woman who is just bad news. But he isn't we are the protagonists and as such we see him as a simpleton causing more harm then anything else.

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    Nazgrim >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nathanos, in every possible way.

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    Here is the difference : Nazgrim did not fap to Garrosh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomchicken View Post
    Nazgrim was likeable.
    I could give a bunch of reasons, but it boils down to this.

    Their stories are different enough too, but if we liked nathanos, we would tolerate it.
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    nazgrim died for the official horde hiarchy, where as nathanos continues to serve sylvanas even after the horde hiarchy has changed to a council because hes in love with her, so in a way i would say it boils down to nazgrim being loyal to the horde as an institution vs nathanos being only loyal to sylvanas

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    Nazgrim didn't want Garrosh to suck his dick and wasn't that big simp.

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    Nazgrim had good character development, and he was sort of a tragic character cause of his belief in duty.

    Nathanos was inconsequential until Danuser picked him as the self-insert at the start of Legion.
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    Nathanos is blindly loyal to Sylvanas.

    Nazgrim was loyal to the warchief.

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