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    OK to mix sword and dagger in classic?

    I know generally you want to not do this due to how sword spec works but here is my issue lol. In my guild swords have been total shit drop rates. Really total shit. Clearing BWL since week 1 and my raid team has seen a total of 1 chromatic longsword drops and one offhand sword from Broodlord. Viskag from Ony we have had 2 drop and I wasnt able to get one of those. So since MC I've been using Brutality blade main hand and myra's song offhand(think i spelled that right). A blue offhand rated at 40 dps with decent stats, i think its 9 agi/str.

    Last night I snagged a corehound tooth on our last mc clear for the hell of it with plans to maybe go daggers if the same loot luck for the AQ ripper remains. But as of right now how bad would my dps suffer if i paired the corehound tooth in my offhand with my brutality blade in the main?

    btw if anyones wondering, the loot luck for us is only with melee dps swords. Axes in BWL and Ony have dropped so much that pretty much all of our warriors have a set lol.

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    For the most part, off hand is a stat stick. If corehound tooth is that much better than what you have, use it.

    The main concern is losing sword spec bonus and with poisons you'll have more proccs. Mh is important to be slow for SS.

    That 5% chance to proc sword isn't that important if the damage on replacement dagger is more damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by xuros View Post
    I forgot to mention, although this took me forever to find a reference again.
    There is a bit of a debate about weapon speed vs poison proc chance. In Vanilla and I assume classic (it could have been missed, but my eye test says it works as in vanilla) instant and wound poison (iirc) proc "on-hit". In wrath patch 1, that was changed to a proc per minute (ppm). Most people assume these are the same, but they aren't ppm is inversely affected by weapon speed vs on-hit. Basically a ppm effect will proc more on a slower weapon because of abilities, haste, 30% attack speed from snd, etc...
    For a slightly better explanation, say you have a 2.5 speed weapon and a 3.0 speed weapon. 1ppm. To convert ppm to an on-hit chance, 2.5 speed will swing 24 times in a minute, 3.0 will swing 20 times in a minute. That's the ppm, 1/24 and 1/20. Because abilities like poisons proc on the back of abilities, that 1/20 chance to procc counts on every ability you use, counts on attack speed increases, beserking increases, etc...

    Back to the poison question at hand, in classic, poisons should be a flat on-hit chance, which means more hits, more poison. There is an expertise component here, but... your loss of 4% hit and... 10% glancing (I can't remember the expertise changes for each +5) shouldn't offset the raw damage increase and more poison proc (not affected by reduced dmg on glancing). You should test it a bit, i don't think it will be a massive increase, although the 1% crit and 22 atkpwr will be nice for the mainhand.

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    I could imagine your choice could also be influenced if you're Human by any chance since they have that +5 sword skill. And I know I sound like a parrot, but have you tried simming yourself? It usually a good place to start

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    This is very interesting information that I have been looking for for a very long time and could not find it anywhere earlier.

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