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    SL - Hopefully SEF redesign - Suggestion

    Hello everyone,

    after watching sloots video on SL WW Monk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkt2rVdYseE&t=1s)
    and reading the corresponding article from babylonious(https://www.peakofserenity.com/2020/...ds-more-ideas/)
    i couldn't help but think:

    WW with real "Invoke Xuen" could be so nice, if only...

    That's why i came up with my ideas for a talent to replace SEF in the lvl 50 row, preferable switch with dragon punch and push dragon punch in lvl 45 against hit combo.

    Chances are low that some relevant people will read this but it is worth a try.

    Numbers are more or less made up and need tuning. Also some things probably would need to be target capped.

    New Passive: Inner Peace
    Consuming 1 Chi grants 10 Inner Peace up to a maximum of 500.

    Invoke Xuen [Replaces SEF]
    Useable when at 400 inner peace or above.
    Channel 2 sec.

    The Monk meditates to call for the streangth of his inner peace, turning him into a [spiritual tiger form - name needed] (insert blue glowy hands and blue glowy tiger head as visuals) which enhances his abilities and grants the bonus of mastery for every attack.
    While channeling the monk consumes up to 400 inner peace (something like channeling 1 sec = 200 inner peace, 1.5 sec 300 inner peace) to increase the duration of Invoke Xuen (corresponding 1 sec channel = 200 IP = 8sec, 1.5 sec =300 IP = 10 sec, 2 sec channel = 400 IP, 12 sec).
    After the channel ends the Monk transforms into [spiritual Tiger Form - name needed] and the erupting energy deals a [small amount of dmg based upon used inner peace] dmg in a 2 yard radius of the monk.
    The transformation replaces Invoke Xuen with Strike of the Tiger

    Effects of [spiritual tiger form - name needed]:
    Increases Dmg done by X%.

    Enhances Abilities as follows:

    Tiger Palm: hits so hard that the impact creates a shockwave of wind that hits enimies around the target for [small amount of dmg].
    Rising sun Kick: Spinn so fast that you hit your target a second time for x% of original dmg.
    Fists of Fury: Every Critical hit summons a wind-Tiger that that hits the target for [small amount of dmg].
    Blackout Kick: Your Kick becomes so fast that it creates gust of winds, traveling x Yards towards the enemie hitting enemies in its linear path for [small amount of dmg]
    Spinning Crane: Creates Tornados that have a chance to knock effected enemies in the air (like elemental earthquake).

    Strike of the Tiger
    Costs: 50 Inner peace; 10 Sec CD reduced by haste

    Strikes the Target for [small amount of dmg] and gives x% more [Haste/Crit/Vers/Mastery one of these] for 6 seconds.
    Increases the remaining duration of Invoke Xuen by x.sec up to a maximum of Y. Critical strikes double the amount.

    The principle idea is easy and after reading it a second time goes a little into the direction of current shadow:
    By playing your rotation, build up enough power to turn yourselfinto a xuen-form. In xuen form your abilities become more powerful and you get an extra button specifically designed to help with scaling issues.
    When stats increase you should be able to go more frequently into xuen-form which leads to greater uptime and more dmg.

    So no more SEF which sucks, alot more Wind based stuff to bring the WIND in windwalker to shine and better scalability.
    I think the design approach is pretty neat - of course in the end i came up with it, but i am interested to hear what others have to say to this.

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    If you want any chance of your feedback being read you should post it on the official forums, not on here.
    ..and so he left, with terrible power in shaking hands.

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