View Poll Results: What covenant will you choose?

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  • Kyrian

    48 21.62%
  • Venthyr

    98 44.14%
  • Necrolord

    42 18.92%
  • Night Fae

    34 15.32%
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    Went night fae for my fury warr. The soulshape is awesome for healing between packs and the blink is amazing. Also, the attack is great for group CC (the area knockdown)
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    I thought of choosing Maldraxxus, but as of right now, that Covenant will be for my DK. Venthyr for warrior, Night Fae for DH, Kyrian for paladin. So, about as vanilla as it can get
    Other than those cases, it will most likely be about performance.

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    went kyrian. spear is op af
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    Went with Kyrian purely for aesthetics but I really love the spear. Nails ranged classes to the ground. One mage tried to blink out of it but just got pulled straight back to me. I love it!

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    I ended up with Kyrian on my prot warrior as I loved their abilities and aethestics the most. Their hub reminds me of Skyhold with less orange-y and more blue-y and replaced Odyn with the Archon. It was a tie with night fae as I liked their abilities aswell, but I wasn't big into their theming. The Maldraxxus abilities just sucked. Venthyr I like a lot lorewise and theming and I would have picked it if I was dps.

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