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    I know. I was complaining on the lack of everything else. MM still has broken talents. Wild Spirits is super bugged. Arcane Shot is overpowered for BM. Legendaries are super unbalanced, etc.
    Sorry, my bad then. I try to cling to my hope that they will still do some work on hunters, at least they will have to on survival as it is missing its leveling passives.
    Now derp solution would be to decouple spells that already have and make parts of them as leveling passives.
    as for everything else.. i know, pointless to repeat my self over and over again, but i agree with you. Surv is a spec that receive NO CHANGES AT ALL beside small number tuning, no matter how much people give feedback that it needs changes, following by BM closely.

    Honestly, i havent tried MM yet, im main Survival, with which i have no issues in Guild/Friends content despite its mediocre performance outside of Corruptions, but as soon as i step out into PUG world i have to switch to backup spec, BM, if i want any chances for invites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunethzero View Post
    Once again it looks like they dropped the ball with ret. What a waste of 3 months
    Ret looks better than BFA and maybe even Legion ret?

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