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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripster42 View Post
    Eh, it's more that it tends to be served in high end places with good hygiene who get their meat from specific butchers who are careful about butchering (so they don't rupture the intestines) and only running one animal's meat through the grinder before cleaning (when they're preparing meat specifically for the dish). Tartare is still not safe to eat. Those precautions only make it safer to eat. Don't at me with some nonsense from a cook's blog that says cooks are magical and can make raw meat safe. They aren't. They can't.

    OT: burger looks gross. Patty is too thick. Buns like that are gross.

    Had a relative almost die from eating a steak tartare at a 4-star restaurant. 4 other people got sick as well. I'll take my meat, especially mince, cooked all the way through. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orby View Post
    Just looking at that burger gave me indigestion, diabetes and heart disease. :P
    Lol! I would eat one. Two would be too much however.
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    That looks gross as fuck. I make home made burgers and no restaurant has ever come close to matching the quality of a home made, hand prepped burger. All you need is some good ground beef, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper to make a great burger patty.

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    That burger is so undercooked I'm worried about the centre still actually being cold.

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    It's weird how the burger looks like if it were to be transformed into a person, the guy holding it would be exactly it lol.

    I'm a HUGE burger-guy, but trashy is the main word that comes to mind when I see that burger. I feel like if I bit into that meat I would get a mouth full of grease.

    Greasy and trashy.

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    The fun part here, this guy really think its look delicious and all of us want to taste that shit

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    I just love it and i am totally a foody guy although do care of my fitness.:d

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    That's what we call a faecal burger round here, because they look like they were pulled from his ass.

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    Is that his hair that comes out his cap?..

    He is so gross, makes me think of the mustard tiger at the dirty burger from trailer park boys..

    Quote Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
    I hate chefs who don't use gloves or one of those hats that cover their hair.
    Who wants hair and/or sperm in their food?
    I was thinking poop, notice he's wearing a ring? So when he takes a poop...even if he washes his hands, that dirty water will gather under the ring..

    Quote Originally Posted by Winter Blossom View Post
    Looks delicious! could you! Doesn't even look cooked, looks like something a drunk guy would randomly throw together..

    I want to see gordon ramsay run in there cursing n shooting tear gas at the film crew
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    This may not be "your" burger, but trace the links back. This guy had a fairly successful run with a restaurant. Try to make that onion jam -- no, it isn't "elegant" but it is a bitch to do and when done right can be damned good.

    As an indulgence of the senses, food can be like porn. Sure, this is one particular extreme, but spend 30 minutes on Pornhub -- what you think is "hot" may or may not adhere to what is mainstream. This video is for a particular kind of sensory overload, it may be heavy handed, but examine your kinks.
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    I like my burgers homemade; Sous Vide if time permits.
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    That burger is a disgusting, greasy mess. I'm Cajun and not at all opposed to eating rich foods from time to time (ever see how calorie dense King cake is?), but that thing makes me want to hurl just looking at it.
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