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    [A][Argent Dawn]<The Bloodlust> AOTC 3/12M LF DPS - 10pm to 12pm EST Wed, Fri & Sat

    “The Bloodlust” is a newer Alliance-side guild looking for active members to join the raid team. We have achieved AOTC in multiple tiers with some progress in Mythic. We are looking for few more raiders to fill out our mythic team. The guild is a laid back semi casual group focused on progression. We are especially seeking ranged caster DPS (Warlock, Mage, Boomkin, Shadow Priest).

    Progression Group Raids: Fri/Sat nights at 10pm-midnight Eastern
    Alt/Farm Raids: Weds. nights at 10pm-midnight Eastern

    /Whisper Felwit-ArgentDawn in game or Elexer#9859 through Discord for more info.
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