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    MoP, the addon where ele could exploit a bug with the tier 4 bonuses and got flat 20% extra damage and still wasnt the best dps? Kinda proving my point here.
    If I recall correctly, enha was pretty solid in at least all of early/mid of MoP.
    Hell, that might've been the best expansion for enha alltogether ^^.
    Granted I also did fairly ok in cata in early/mid raids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exkrementor View Post
    If you play a shaman for a while you make peace with the fact that your damage will never be as high as pretty much all the other classes. BFA was kinda odd in that way since elemental was really good for BoD and EP at least. Also the beta usually ends at patch X.2 for shamans.
    It's not that shamans are bad all the time its that they are always ignored during beta. Look at legion, Enhance was op all of beta and op till the last week of Trial of Valor. In cata everyone with half a brain knew the 2 piece from firelands was op for elemental during the ptr. It was literally a 30% damage increase from the TWO piece alone. All of mop shamans had 2 healing cds.

    Whether shamans are really good, bad, inbetween, nothing will change during beta. It will come down to which tier they decide to band aid fix them and whether that band aid is enough to spill over to the next tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shango View Post
    Certainly not, however i think its only fair if things get mixed up a bit from time to time and you dont always see the same classes on top. Last time Enh was above average was during HFC, for clearing Trash. And before that during ToT but not because of our damage, rather due to the healing we could do. So as stated earlier it would be nice to move a little once in a while.

    That being said, like others im sure those numbers mean absolutely nothing right now, plenty of stuff is not even working yet.
    In legion Enhance was competing for top dps until the last week of Trial of Valor.

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