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    Eu-ragnaros (horde) returning player is looking for ce guild for shadowlands

    Hello everyone,

    I recently returned to WoW after taking a break from the game and I want to get back into cutting edge raiding. I am finding it extremely difficult to get into good guilds because I haven’t raided in BFA and I cannot provide logs and achievements of relevant Cutting Edge content. The last logs I have are from mythic raiding in Legion and most guilds rather take someone with current content EXP. I am highly dedicated, I will always show up prepared. I know the tactics to the fights and will have spend hours researching them. I will take my assigned role and execute it so the boss goes down, I won’t nag and cry if I have to deal with mechanics that cost me dps. It’s about killing the boss, not about dps whoring. I have the option to nolife (currently taking a break from work and I have no girlfriend) and I am planning to grind the first couple of weeks to the max to be as geared as possible for the raids and m+. I love a challenge, I love min-maxing and I like raiding with likeminded people. In the past I always enjoyed playing multiple classes, specs and roles to learn all aspects of the game and have a better understanding about the other roles in my raid and what they do.

    Some more relevant info about me:
    I am currently 33 and I live in the Netherlands. I would say that my English skills are pretty good. I love gaming and I love WoW. I have a stable 500 Mbit down connection and I usually play with roughly 12 ping. I got an i7-8700K and a 1080 Ti. So performance wise my pc and connection are more than good enough to give stable FPS and ms during raids.

    A little bit about my previous raiding experience:
    The Burning Crusade: started playing the game in TBC during Karazhan and raided casually.

    Wrath of the Lich King: Cleared all content on heroic on my mage: Ulduar hard modes, got the achievements Alone in the Darkness (Yogg-Saron 0 keepers), a Tribute to Insanity and several other relevant raiding achievements.

    Cataclysm: Cleared all content in Cata and then the guild I was in since Wotlk disbanded after we killed Deathwing

    MoP and WoD: only played casually

    Legion: Returned to raiding and joined a new guild as a resto shammy. Got Cutting Edge Xavius and Cutting Edge Gul’Dan. Swapped to my Demon Hunter halfway through the expansion and mained that ever since. During mythic Maiden progress this guild disbanded as well and I was left guidless again and decided to go back to playing casually and took another break.

    As you can read above: I only ever really have been in 2 guilds mainly and sadly after years of playing together both guilds ended up disbanding. I have been officer, raid leader, class leader and council member in the guilds I was in and I always been a core part of the raiding team. I really want to get back into it in Shadowlands and grind mythic plus and get back to CE raiding with people that are on a high lvl and know what they are doing. The most recent logs I have are from my Demon Hunter during mythic raiding in Legion.

    I am not allowed to post any links here yet. You can find my Demon Hunter on warcraftlogs under the name Peedy Ragnaros-EU and if you wanna find my armory you can search for Peedy on Ragnaros-EU.

    I know that melee spots are very rare and the first raiding tier and M+ look extremely ranged biased. I would love to continue playing on my DH but I am prepared to swap mains if needed. I would be willing to go back to healing and the healer of choice for me would be resto druid in that case. On my DH I would be able to offspec tank and on my druid I would be able to do the same for both raids as also mythic+. If the above sounds interesting to any guilds recruiting out there, feel free to message me here or add me on Discord or bnet.

    Discord: Peedy#9878
    Bnet: Peedy#21668
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