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    BFA left such a bad taste in players mouths, could be many are just holding off to see how SL is received at launch. All my friends who still play are not planning on coming back until first patch if at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taishar68 View Post
    I counted at least 20 videos on Youtube searching "Shadowlands Tank". I can't speak for the content and/or the quality of it, but maybe that is a start. Maybe less people are interested. What's the point of worrying about it though?

    Maybe only other tanks understand what I'm talking about. You just quoted me saying I'm not talking about videos from Dalaran or Preach or guys like that. They arent tanks. These "tank" videos are just people trying to grab clicks and real tanks know that.
    Ok, type in "BfA Beta M plus tank" and then type in "Shadowlands Beta M plus tank". BfA search has tons of awesome vids and guides by known tanks. Shadowlands search returns PvPers or DPS that tried tanking a dungeon real quick.

    In BfA beta you had an overwhelming amount of info. (Why I decided not to but it)
    Shadowlands Beta feels like a blind bet in compare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunslayer View Post
    I'm not interested in a video where "Dalaran the Rogue" tries Blood DK for 5 minutes and then gives his review. Or a video by Preach that also played Blood DK for an hour and gives me the "low down". I'm talking about real Tanking videos by known tanks. In BfA you had constant video updates on beta tanking with great, indepth info. Now, in Shadowlands? nothing, nada. That doesnt seem odd?

    Also in BfA they had Beta sections for Tanking Healing and DPS? Or am I misremembering that?
    The level of testing and number of testers in the upcoming epxansion is very low. The shortened time table doesn't help either. Interest in the upcoming expansion is very tepid because BFA crossed several lines it should have not done so with class design. It feels the upcoming expansion is doubling down on that at launch.

    A lot of content creators for classes are waiting to see what happens at launch before jumping in IMVHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rekz View Post
    I'll trust blizzard over your assessment. They've been doing this for a long time. It may very well be that your class is nerfed in which case, your class will feel as if it doesn't work correctly.

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