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    I've already quit. The only way I see me coming back is if guildies manage to put me under enough pressure - but I'm happily playing other games with the guild's core so I doubt that's gonna happen.
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    Hope you sleep well. With the lack of empathy the majority of you show i guess that won't be a problem. BB

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    Most likely I will whine.
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    i was talking about horse cock again, told him to look at your sig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orby View Post
    Yea I heard a lot of arguments for which is worse I cannot disagree if people think BfA is as bad as WoD. Heard a lot of legit criticisms I cannot argue against, I do feel there is really no wrong answer, its all down to personal distaste. Which is why Cataclysm will always be the worst expansion for me and I feel that's a minority opinion but I am okay with that :P
    I think most people who actually played before Cata will agree with you there, but peoples memories tend to be pretty bad so who knows.
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    I'll be looking forward to Wrath of the Dave King
    the names dave


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    Unsub and play FFXIV and other games. I'd probably sub to WoW to check out new 9.x patches though.

    Then again, I'm somewhat hyped from the recent news that you can level up alts by just doing endgame open world content without having to do any storylines. It's probably super quick to level alts, as even while doing storylines you already level up extra quick on Beta. It's got to be couple of WQ's/Bonus Objectives per level at this point on alts (if not, doing storylines would be more effective).

    Just saying that I'll probably end up leveling more alts thanks to this than previously planned.

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    Same thing I did with BFA. Quit playing and hope the next expansion will be better

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    The same thing I'll do if any game sucks.

    Not play it.


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    Hard to say. Possibly just Raid log as my guild only does Heroic... possibly quit.

    Shadowlands "sucking" is a broad term. If the Raids are fun and everything else is a hot mess I'll just ignore the systems and Raid with my friends. Honestly, I reckon I've done 10-20 Islands at most in BFA.

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    Thanks to the level scaling, I don't think it's possible for Shadowlands to suck.

    I'll just go play through Legion shit again.

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    I'm completely avoiding shadowlands, never even bought the expansion or renew my subscription. I would rather play the expansion after that or once blizzard gets a new lead developers for wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chir0n View Post
    People will complain on every forum known to mankind and continue to play. And when the next expansion launches shadowlands will be the greatest expansion ever.
    Pretty much.

    I’ll do what I always do if I don’t like an expansion. Quit and come back later. Either at the end of the expansion if it looks like it got better, or when the next one comes out if it looks promising. Tbh, I’m not even sure whether I will get Shadowlands yet. Still waiting to see how it looks at/close to launch. (I haven’t been subbed since a couple months into BFA)

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    If it's that bad I'll just use up what time I have left and stop playing for a while until I see improvements. Which is what everyone who becomes disinterested in the game should do instead of complaining about how shit it is but continue to play the game like some deranged crack addict.
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    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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    I'll quit. But I absolutely don't see this as me making a point or anything. I've taken breaks before. It's the ebb and flow of mmo's...I'm not married to the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chir0n View Post
    People will complain on every forum known to mankind and continue to play. And when the next expansion launches shadowlands will be the greatest expansion ever.
    Hardly, Legion still sucks.
    Besides Shadowlands is already looking to be just as bad as Legion was if not worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    From my time on alpha/beta SL is closer to Legion than BFA so I'm confident it'll be a good expansion.
    this gives me hope....I was reeeeeealy hoping to get a Beta key but im glad that many folks are positive on SL so far
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    -Be sad
    -Let my sub run out
    -Go play another game until I think I want to play again

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    what i always do - lean back and enjoy

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    Keep playing because I got nothing else to play for the long haul.
    I can do a couple of single player games, those bi-yearly single player games that aren't trash and/or indie trash, but for 95% of the time I need an MMO, and even in its bad state wow is still the best MMO compared to the others, all of which go for some niche, like FFXIV going for the weeb niche, and ESO going for the...single player MMO niche.

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    Why is there no option for "Quit until next patch content" ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jalham View Post
    Why is there no option for "Quit until next patch content" ?
    If you do that you will always be behind in progression, and at that point why even play the game?

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