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    Quit WoW altogether or play TBC until Ashes of Creation comes out. SL/TBC will be my last WoW xpac. If there was no Classic, I wouldn't have been playing WoW. I didn't play MoP and I only played the first month of WoD and Cata. I didn't actually play a full xpac until Legion. After Wrath the story and gameplay completely lost me. Didn't care for the Iron Horde stuff or the old Warlord timeline thing. I'm also one of the people who didn't want an old world revamp. Revisionist, time travel stuff never interested me, it's much more compelling when you're not allowed to alter the course of events imo, otherwise you might as well just create an entirely new story???

    Other games coming out are offering more quality and they don't have that Blizzard tarnish. It used to be Blizzard polish, now it's just Blizzard tarnish.

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    Last time I stopped playing WoW was during Cata, that expansion killed me. I was so burned out I didn't return until the end of MoP. If Shadowlands sucks on that level then it would be the first time I stop playing in 9 years :P

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    Rush to raid logging status ASAP and continue playing FFXI.

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    It won't suck. It's WoW with extra flavour, I play the game because I love WoW, not because I love X or Y expansion.

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    If not for tokens I would have quit very early in BFA, still have some tokens left so will probably play Shadowlands sporadically as well if it falls short of expectations (which are extremely low following BFA to be fair).

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    Play a game that doesn't suck because I value my time?
    *Insert every single ridiculous PC parts detail here that no one cares about*

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    Stopped playing after MoP due to burn-out of the game, plus real-life commitments. I didn't enjoy BfA so quit from 8.1 to 8.3 - came back for 8.3 and didn't particularly like the grindy systems.

    I'm optimistic for Shadowlands right now, but I'll likely just end up back in the quit stage and try again in the next expansion.

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    Cyberpunk 2077 inc so if SL isnt that good I can safely end my wow "career" and focus on other games that I like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tru View Post
    If it's good I hope they don't release tbc during it's life. I'm getting to old dunno if I can handle 2 versions. But if it sucks bring on tbc!
    I honestly think releasing TBC during a mediocre expansion might kill it completely. Not saying it will kill WoW and there will never be another Retail expansion, but TBC has even mire Potential to throw of Retail than Classic had, when it released.

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    I'd play path of exile for a month or so then come back, probably.

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    Just not play it? I mean i barely played BFA at the start. It was only this 8.3 that really brought me back into the game

    Other games i play are

    Classic WoW, Blade and soul, Black desert and the new marvel's avengers game.

    There's plenty of things to do if shadowlands is not interesting.

    and as i said above, i am playing classic, so "Quit wow" or "Unsub" is not really something i can do.
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    First of all...

    I'm pretty good at the game, so I'm not as easily convinced as other players that the game isn't any good or fun and enjoyable: see BfA. In my observation the first people that started complaining that the game sucked, also were the ones with either bad performance, low DPS, bad at mechanics, or low, etc.

    Secondly, WoW is still WoW is still WoW. The game has barely changed in it's gameplay loop since Vanilla. There is practically no difference between game as it existed in Vanilla, WotLK, MoP, Legion or BfA. It's the same game. Which means every week I'll at least be assured that I've a few hours of solo questing content to keep me busy, some sort of progress hamster-wheel of gear and loot that has existed since vanilla through dungeons or raids and a few side-line activities related to cosmetics. And this is the same game I've enjoyed for the past 15+ years.

    Lastly, I love end-game progression systems (as they existed in BfA and are now being added in Shadowlands), so I'll be having tons of fun with conduits, crafting my legendaries, etc.

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    I will live on doing something else like any sane person. Not really something to consider. If you think it sucks, why the hell would you play it.

    Though I think I will enjoy Shadowlands on the amount of alt-stuff alone. Customization/good looking transmogs to chase(unlike the lazy shitty stuff we got in BfA), Covenant, better gameplay than BfA and legendaries will be good for me. From the looks of it, power related stuff is more fixed when it comes to progression as it was in Legion, which is a big plus. I don't think I will run Torghast that much outside whats needed, but Covenants is the thing I look forward to.

    I don't think the game will ever be as good as it was in Legion, but SL seems to be a top 4 expansion to me. Looking forward to the launch and the following months, those first 9 months in Legion was the most fun 9 straight months I've ever had in WoW, SL could maybe do something similar. If its half of as fun, it will be great. I will have a good time in Castle Nathria!
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    play as much as i enjoy. if i stop enjoying it i play somehting else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Accendor View Post
    I honestly think releasing TBC during a mediocre expansion might kill it completely. Not saying it will kill WoW and there will never be another Retail expansion, but TBC has even mire Potential to throw of Retail than Classic had, when it released.
    BC is better than Vanilla, but it doesn't have the same level of content. It's also just less of a huge thing, being both the less unique iteration, and the second time it's happening.

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    From what I'm seeing on the beta, Shadowlands definitely does not look like the expansion for me. I feel like BFA Beta had more content and brought more to the table, and BFA still ended up a mediocre expansion. For me, Shadowlands has about the same amount of content except without Warfronts, without Island Expeditions, and with Torghast instead of the Horrific Visions. Problem being that I really haven't enjoyed playing Torghast at all.

    The end result ends up being an expansion where I like neither the content, the lore, nor the aesthetics. With Revendreth, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald and Bastion having entirely different cultures and aesthetics completely unrelated to each other, the expansion in my eyes ends up aesthetically aimless --- a problem Cataclysm also suffered from. Usually you can pinpoint an expansion's aesthetic, but all the zones in Cataclysm were unrelated to each other, from the Dwarven Twilight Highlands to the Egyptian-inspired desert of Uldum. There was no unifying visual aesthetic. That's how I feel about Shadowlands. The unifying theme is meant to be death, but you don't really feel that when playing it. Ardenweald does not feel like it has anything at all to do with Revendreth.

    So far, there are very few things I enjoy in this expansion. I might give the expansion a shot when it launches, but otherwise I'll probably sit out for an expansion or so.

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    Same thing we do every expansion, Pinky.

    Carry on paying and playing while complaining loudly about how much it sucks.

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    As much as some people have complained about BFA, I've been playing throughout and enjoying myself.

    If everyone else enjoys SL but I don't personally find it entertaining, I'm not gonna keep playing just because of other people's opinion of the game.

    Likewise, even if the vast majority of players dislike SL I'll probably still find it entertaining myself, so I guess "suck according to whom?" would be an appropriate question here.
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    Yes i hate those sneaky account thieves that come to my house and steal my computer in order to steal some wow money! Those bastards! *shakes fist*

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    what a silly ? of course it won't suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arch-Angel of Riots View Post
    Secondly, WoW is still WoW is still WoW. The game has barely changed in it's gameplay loop since Vanilla.
    PVP isn't treated with the same respect as it used to be, the gameplay loop definitely isn't the same. Ask Venruki, a top PVPer.

    There are some people out there who believed PVP was half of WoW, that you used your raid gear to go dunk on other players and people absolutely do this in Classic.
    If you don't do this anymore in retail, that means the gameplay loop has changed, especially considering the way you can't even get gear from PVP anymore compared to the past.

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