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    If SL is sufficiently bad I'll just stop playing MMOs. WoW itself probably can't recover from serious decline at this point.
    "There is a pervasive myth that making content hard will induce players to rise to the occasion. We find the opposite. " -- Ghostcrawler
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    SL enhancement shaman doesn't have maelstrom so maybe I'll last a bit longer this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post
    Or it could be the last straw for many players.
    Anyone quitting please mail me all gold and mats for future gold sink mounts thank you.
    My Collection
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    Commit Sudoku.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delano View Post
    Not play the game.
    This, Same thing I did for BfA lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by dacoolist View Post
    Its going to be more popular than classic so, either way its win/win
    and tbc will be more popular than shadowlands

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    Not really a hard decision. If it sucks, I'll stop playing until the next expansion. Been in beta so I'm confident this will not be the case. I'm easy to please. Have good raids and I'll play. Nothing else really matters. If I enjoy other aspects it's all bonus.

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    Regardless of if it;s good or bad - i'll level up, gear up based on normal and heroic dungeons, do local quests for 2-3 weeks and quit. And come to see new LFRs for a day or 2.

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    I doubt it'll be so bad that I can't stand it, i'm sure i'll just take lots of little breaks to keep it fresh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post
    Title says it all.

    This is Blizzard’s chance to get it right, like how Legion made up for the disaster that was WoD. BfA wasn’t too well received, so maybe SL will get things right? Or it could be the last straw for many players. Even with Legion’s success the game hasn’t been the same since WoD came out.

    Or you could keep playing SL despite it sucking, because as shitty as WoW can get, it’s still the best MMO to many people.
    I think I'd quit till next expac, I stuck out wod, and though I had a break mir bfa I've done most of it, but my patiance is thin, if I'm not having fun I'll probly play something else and see what happens in 10.0.

    Luckly for the most part SL is looking pritty good, but ofc time will tell, everything can change on a patch these days.

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    Do what I did the last two times I thought the game really sucked: take an extended break.

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    As long as it doesnt have a corruption like system, I'm good.
    If what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Then I should be a god by now.

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    If that happends ill continue on Classic.
    That is not dead which can eternal lie,
    and with strange Aeons even Death may die.

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    If Shadowlands disappoints me to the point where not even raiding can keep me engaged, then I have pretty much made my mind that it's time to put WoW permanently on the self, and then I'll move on to greener pastures, specifically FF XIV, which I've played on and off a few times.

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    Quit forever pretty much.

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    stick to the bits I do enjoy. if I don't enjoy enough then I'll quit, at least for a while

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    I'll keep playing as I always have. WoW is WoW. Even if an expansion sucks, it's still 3 times better than the second best MMO.

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    Keep playing and make my own fun, been doing that since cata

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    Well I played BfA so I probably won't hate it and will just keep playing.

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